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Welcome to Steward

Our passion is helping students discover theirs.
While it's true that our mission at The Steward School is to prepare students for college, it's even more accurate to say we're preparing them for life.

That's a formidable task, and it's one we take very seriously. Here, we teach students to respect themselves and others. We show them how to work together as a team while still remaining independent thinkers. And we encourage students to celebrate the qualities that bind them together as well as the ones that set them apart.

The Steward School community is made up of students of many talents and abilities - among them budding artists, athletes, and scientists - who will become the stewards of tomorrow. Guiding their every thought and deed is our Honor Code, a promise to always act with honesty and integrity, whether in the classroom or on the field.

By promoting balance in every aspect of their education, our students are able to navigate the world with confidence and become contributing members of our increasingly global society.
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