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Winter Music Concert

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Virtual Winter Music Concert 2020

“Low Rider” as recorded by the band War – Steward Pep Band

Welcome – John McAlister
“Aftershock” – Middle School Concert Band
"Sisi Ni Moja" – Upper School, 8th, 7th grade Chorus featuring special LS guests
Words and Music by Jacob Narverud
“Thriller” – Steward Pep Band
“At this Table”  Upper School Chorus 
Words and music by Jonas Myrin and Idinia Menzel. Arranged by Mac Huff 
“Sweet Home Chicago” by Robert Johnson –  Steward Jazz Band
Featuring Matthew McCullough ‘21 on vocals, Jake Smithson ‘21 on vocals, Louis Raffenot ‘21 on tenor saxophone, Zach Topich ‘21 on guitar, Matthew Wilson ‘21 on alto saxophone 
“White Winter Hymnal” – Grade 8 Chorus
Words and Music by Robin Pecknold, arranged by Alan Billinsley Video and sound editing by Logan Grasser ’23
“Proud Mary” by John Fogerty – Steward Jazz Band featuring Hailey Wharram ‘21 on vocals
Light in the Hallway” – Upper School Chorus
Words & Music by Mitchell Grassi, Scotty Hoying, and Audra Mae arr. by Roger Emerson   Video and sound editing by Logan Grasser ’23
“Fiesta La Vida” – Steward Concert Band
Closing Remarks – Heidi Taylor
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” by Pytor Tchaikovsky
arrangement by Pentatonix adapted by Mark Brymer. Editing by Logan Grasser ’23

Production Credit

Choral Director: Heidi Taylor

Band Director: John McAlister

Video Production: Matt Polson, Aaron Ledesma, Logan Grasser '23

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