March 19, 2020

Dear Seniors, 

It was wonderful to see so many of you in the Zoom meeting today, but it also made my heart sad because we weren’t together in person. I hope you left the meeting with some questions answered and with a clear understanding of how committed we are to walking with you through whatever the coming weeks/months may bring. I’m writing to recap the important information we covered in the meeting and to share a few links you might find helpful.

  • Most importantly: Treat your online courses seriously and keep your grades up. Particularly for those of you who are holding on waitlists, but relevant to all of you, it is essential to continue performing well in your classes.
  • While many colleges are extending their candidate reply dates (the deadline for your deposit) to June 1, I encourage you to keep your deadline at May 1. The only reason to utilize a later reply date is if you feel you must visit campuses in order to make your final decision (which may not even be possible before June 1). You’ll find a comprehensive list of colleges who have adjusted their deadlines here: This page also provides information on campus closures and program cancellations. Of course, you should cross-check this information with individual colleges’ admissions websites.
    • Please note: Depositing by May 1 is still advisable because there are so many things that might depend on your early deposit. For example, your ability to choose housing, a roommate, a summer orientation date, etc. may be predicated upon the timing of your deposit.
  • Online tours can be really outstanding, as can virtual meetings with admissions offices. For fantastic, professionally designed campus tours, I recommend visiting this website: You should also visit college admissions offices’ websites frequently for updated virtual programming opportunities. Many of these are likely to be live Q&A sessions, which can be extremely helpful.
  • The College Board is working to develop a way for students to take their AP Tests online if schools are still closed in May. Currently, the tests are still scheduled to be taken at schools on their original dates, but I will let you know if there is a decision to move the tests online.
  • Please continue to update us on your application outcomes!
  • Also, please continue to keep a running tally of your scholarship offers. This data is very important to us, and we rely upon you to provide it.
  • Many of the items on the Spring/Summer Tasks List we gave you in class can be completed online. There was also a copy of the list in the folder for the Grade 12 Parent and Student Night during Minimester. If you need another copy, just email us.
  • This would also be a marvelous time to begin shopping online for dorm stuff and college swag! Don’t forget to order your t-shirt for College Declaration Day on May 1!
    Moving forward, we encourage you to schedule Zoom meetings with us. We will send another email in the next few days with instructions for scheduling the meeting in Calendly.
    • In case you were still wondering: We REALLY want to hear from you! If you’d prefer to email rather than having a Zoom meeting, consider using the address. I, Ms. Wilkerson, and Ms. Luqman check this email regularly, so you’ll get a very rapid reply from one of us.
  • Finally, to reiterate Dr. Seldis’s primary message: Please continue to communicate with your teachers and the Upper School admin team. No question or concern is too small. We are here for you.


Mrs. Jeter 
Director of College Counseling
The Steward School | 11600 Gayton Road | Richmond, VA 23238 | 804-740-3394
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