March 20, 2020

Dear Steward community,

This has been an incredibly challenging week for all of us as we try to plan for the coming weeks ahead. Our focus has primarily been on preparing faculty, staff, students, and parents for continuous learning next week. I would like to thank our entire community for coming together to work on this common goal. Below is some information about dates, additional resources, and a video message from me as we move forward. At this time, we have updated our plan to reopen campus on Monday, April 6 with evaluations on a weekly basis.

“Fireside chat”

All my communications to the community so far have been formal, informational instruments. I’d like to speak with you in a more relaxed setting to discuss several things that have been on my mind about our school community and this deeply unusual place in which we find ourselves. The must-see content is in this email; however, if you have several minutes and interest, please click here to view the video.


Since the coronavirus situation is rapidly changing, we are only looking out a few weeks at a time with regard to our many events. Our goal is to reschedule or make virtual as much as we possibly can, and to cancel as few events as possible. We know this is a particularly difficult time for our seniors, and our goal is to preserve as much of the Steward senior experience as possible. The following is a summary of decisions that have been made so far, and we will continue to provide updates.

  • March 19 — Middle School and JV/Varsity Athletic Awards: reschedule; date TBD
  • March 20 — Family Bingo Night: canceled
  • March 25 — NHS Ceremony: reschedule or virtual; date TBD
  • March 25 — Middle School Steward50 Event: reschedule; date TBD
  • March 27—  Grade 5 Shakespeare Play: reschedule if calendar permits; format TBD
  • March 27 — Middle / Upper School Talent Night: we are planning a virtual event; details to follow
  • March 27 — Half-Day: half-day for instructional time; follow this schedule
  • April 1 — Athletic Director’s Coffee: canceled
  • April 3 — Parent/Teacher Conferences: No school for students; we are planning on virtual formats; details to follow
  • April 2 — Lower School Oratorical Program: evaluating various options; details to follow as soon as possible
  • April 4 — Prom: reschedule as calendar permits; date TBD
  • April 23-25 — Spring Musical: evaluating various options; details to follow as soon as possible
  • May 7-8 — Lower School Grandparents and Special Friends Day: we will not hold an on-campus event; alternative plans being developed

Ultimately our ability to reschedule all events will be dependent on available dates in the calendar. Additionally, we have decided not to administer any standardized testing this spring in the Lower or Middle School. Field trips will be evaluated as to whether they can be rescheduled based on the availability of the program and continued CDC guidance.

COVID-19 webpage and FAQs

We are actively maintaining a page on Steward’s website to collect all COVID-19 content, both division-specific and schoolwide. Visit our Announcements page for past communications, up-to-date news, and helpful resources for our community. Additionally, we have developed an FAQ page, which will be continuously updated as well.

Availability for our consulting psychologist

For families, faculty and staff members, and students who find that they are struggling with anxiety around the current situation or who feel that they need help navigating the effects of isolation, Ms. Bruce Hammond, the school’s consulting psychologist, is available to help. She can talk with you once or twice through a videoconference or telephone call, and if you need more help, she can help make recommendations for other sources. You can reach her at; she will get back to you to schedule a time and/or to explore your needs.

Thank you for your continued support of the Steward community, and I look forward to our continuous learning next week. If you have questions or concerns on these or other issues, please do not hesitate to contact me, Lisa Dwelle, Nurse Heck, and the division directors, Ingrid Moore, Susan Atkinson, and Adam Seldis.


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Dan Frank
Head of School
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