March 22, 2020

Dear Middle School students and parents, 

I hope you and your families are staying healthy and that we will all be back at school soon! Here are a few reminders for you as we begin our continuous learning tomorrow morning.

  • By 8 a.m. each morning, you should virtually sign in using this Virtual Attendance Sign-in. If you are sick and cannot “attend” classes on a given day, your parent should email Mrs. Ashworth at
  • By 8 a.m. each morning (if not before), each teacher with whom you would normally have a class on that day will post to Google Classroom a lesson plan that will detail all the learning and resources you will need for the class. Monday, March 23 is Day 5, so by 8 a.m. on Monday morning, you will have work assigned from classes you take in blocks E, C, D, F, G, and B in Google Classroom.
  • Please note when your “live classes” are occurring. You can use your student planner or this Middle School daily planner, if you prefer. Teachers will be taking attendance, and we will notify parents if you are not there, unless you have been reported absent for the day.
  • Please plan to check your email at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon and respond to email within 24 hours Teachers will be relying on email and Google Classroom to be in contact with you.
  • During the academic portion of your day, cell phones should be turned off and put away as would be expected during a normal school day.
  • On Mondays, we will have virtual Community Time announcements. Please watch March 23 Virtual Community Time for this week’s announcements.
  • In general, the same rules and expectations of behavior and interactions that are present in face-to-face classes apply equally to online classes. While learning online, students are required to adhere to the following Middle School Online Behavioral Expectations.
  • Your teachers will also be available to you during the day for virtual office hours, especially during your regularly scheduled study hall. When you need to connect with your teachers, please reach out to them.
  • An important resource for both students and parents is: Middle School Homework Calendar 2019-20. This is a good place to find pertinent links and to make appointments with teachers during virtual office hours.
  • Before Spring Break, we gave you personalized “business cards” to take with you that had all your pertinent technology information. As a reminder, it would be very wise to take a photo on your iPad of both sides of your “business card” so you have all the information and passwords you need handy. For those who were absent before Spring Break, I will be emailing you a photo of your “business card” later today.
  • As I would normally share with you at Community Time on Mondays, here is your calendar of upcoming events.

Items coming down the pike during the weeks of March 23 and March 30:

Monday, 3/23 – Day 5

Tuesday, 3/24 - Day 6

Wednesday, 3/25 - Day 7

Thursday, 3/26 - Day 8

Friday, 3/27 - Day 1 – Early Dismissal Day

Monday, 3/30 – Day 2

Tuesday, 3/31 – Day 3

Wednesday, 4/1 – Day 4

Thursday, 4/2 – Day 5

Friday, 4/3

  • NO Virtual Classes for students
  • Virtual Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences – Details to come!

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Susan Atkinson 
Director of Middle School
The Steward School | 11600 Gayton Road | Richmond, VA 23238 | 804-740-3394
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