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In the almost 50 years since The Steward School first opened its doors, the school’s unwavering mission has become more relevant than ever. Each individual must be given the opportunity, the environment, and the educational program necessary to become their own best self. As we look ahead to the next 50 years and beyond, we must continue to be more than school.

Steward50 represents all that The Steward School was, is, and will be. This is your unique opportunity to make a resounding difference at The Steward School, unleashing possibilities immediately and into the future for the families of Steward.

Funds raised as part of the Steward50 campaign support the endowment, campus improvements, and annual fund. Steward50 will enable the realization of our current strategic plan, Compass 2022, and support the ongoing strength of the school. This plan, developed by students, faculty, staff, Board members, alumni, and families, better prepares students for college and for life by focusing on five key areas of prioritization: Steward for Learning, Steward for the Individual, Steward for All, Steward for Community, and Steward for Life.  Learn more details about the strategic plan.

Through the Steward50 capital campaign, we can make a meaningful and measurable difference both today and into the future. We can build a robust environment that allows students and faculty to dream limitlessly. Your generous gift will provide opportunities we can only imagine. A pledge to Steward50 is a pledge to Steward’s students and teachers today and in the future. Give today.

Learn more in this video, a conversation with Head of School Dan Frank and campaign co-chairs Faisal Qureshi '92 and Larry French.
Steward parents and grandparents gather at the home of Barbara and Mark Wheless, grandparents of Jacob ‘29 and Pearce ’27, for a Steward50 event.

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Steward50 FAQ's

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • How can I volunteer to help the campaign?

    Beyond your personal giving, there are many ways to get involved including hosting events, promoting the campaign within your networks, and joining the Annual Giving Committee to help encourage current family participation. To learn more, contact the Development office via email or by phone at (804) 740-3394, ext. 2304.
  • If I make a campaign pledge, will I still be solicited for an Annual Fund gift?

    Steward50 is a comprehensive campaign, which includes the Annual Fund. Donors will not be solicited to make an additional Annual Fund gift while they are paying an open campaign pledge, according to the payment schedule. Donors will still be asked to participate in campus initiatives such as emerging needs, participation campaigns, Pancakes for a Purpose, Spartan Club, and Premier Partners.
  • What are the funding components of the campaign?

    Steward50 is a comprehensive campaign made up of three components: Annual Fund, Capital Expenditures, and Endowment.
    • Annual Fund (10% of campaign total)
      • This is a way to support the daily operations at The Steward School.
    • Campus Improvements (20% of campaign total)
      • Supporting this area allows for grounds improvements – most notably, updates to the HVAC system in several buildings, and an upgrade to the service road that will provide better emergency access to the farthest athletic field.
    • Endowment (70% of campaign total)
      • Gifts to this fund provide a permanent source of revenue that supplements tuition and annual giving. It operates as a “savings account” from which Steward uses a percentage of the interest to help support its priorities and programs.
  • How can I make a gift?

    There are many ways for you to make gifts to The Steward School. Please please contact the Development Office via email or by phone at (804) 740-3394 to discuss specifics. Some options include online payments with debit/credit card, gifts of appreciated stock, checks by mail, matching gifts, and planned gifts.
  • Are there giving levels?

    There are recognition levels reflecting support of the Steward50 Campaign. Gifts and multi-year pledges of $10K and above will be acknowledged as leadership donors.

    $10,000 and above

    $5,000 to $9,999

    $2,500 to $4,999

    *1972 SOCIETY
    $1,972 to $2,499

    $1,000 to $1,971

    $500 to $999

    $250 to $499

    *Denotes Founders Society
  • May I restrict my gift?

    Gifts may be restricted as long as they count within the broad parameters of the campaign components and within the appropriate giving thresholds for restricted gifts to the campaign. We partner with our donors to identify the area that is of most personal interest to them to support.
  • Why is the campaign named Steward50?

    We are looking forward to The Steward School’s 50th anniversary in 2022; it will be a landmark event. For more than 45 years, Steward has built a reputation as being the best small school in Richmond, due in no small part to its history of generous donors. We have launched the Steward50 campaign to ensure that Steward remains great for the next 50 years and beyond. As part of our campaign work, we will be celebrating Steward stories of the past and present as we look toward the future.
  • What is the current size of Steward's endowment?

    Currently, Steward’s endowment totals just above $16.5 million.
  • Who is being asked to give to the campaign?

    The entire Steward community will be asked to support the campaign including the Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, faculty and staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni families, and friends. During the campaign, all community members will be asked to make Steward a philanthropic priority to ensure its success.
  • What are the payment schedule options?

    Donors may fulfill their pledges in a single payment or in installments over the course of three years. Payment schedules include monthly, quarterly, or annual installments. If a donor chooses to fulfill a pledge in installments, payments are due annually by the end of our fiscal year: June 30.
  • Are there named giving opportunities?

    Donors have several naming options at Steward ranging from classrooms to scholarships and professorships to athletic facilities. Please contact the Development Office via email or by phone at (804) 740-3394 to discuss available options.
  • When did the last campaign end, and how much was raised?

    The Building a Legacy Capital Campaign ended in 2011 and secured more than $10 million.
  • May I give anonymously?

    Donors have the option of having their contributions remaining anonymous, which includes omission from honor rolls and other gift acknowledgment publications.
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