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  • Compass 2022

    Charting our course
Compass 2022, a strategic plan developed by and for our community, will lead our school proudly toward our 50th anniversary in 2022. The plan focuses on five key areas of prioritization. On a regular basis, we'll share updates on progress towards the goals of the plan or ways that our community can help support strategic initiatives

We are excited for what the future holds. Steward has intentional goals and expectations, and we are quite prepared for what comes next. Our deep-seated values will serve us well both today and tomorrow. As we anticipate the students of the future, we feel invigorated. As we envision the future of our community, we welcome it. As we imagine The Steward School of the future, we are fearless.

Strategic Plan

Steward for All

How will programming focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) enhance our learning environment and our community?

DEI-focused programming  both in and out of the classroom  will help us maintain and enhance our welcoming, safe, and connected environment. This is the type of environment in which students and faculty can thrive, one in which they are able to become their own best selves. This not only enhances the learning experience and connectedness among our student body today, but it will also develop our students into people who are well-equipped to navigate college and life in today’s world.

How can Steward50 support a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) community?

Funds raised as part of Steward50 will support our endowment, which in turn supports programmatic enhancements. Endowment funds create increased curricular and extracurricular opportunities, such as speakers, field trips, clubs, events, and staffing  all of which build understanding and connection among our students and staff.

Steward for the Individual

What does it mean for a school to take care of the “whole person?”

In order for students to thrive in an academic learning environment, they must have the space and skills to care for themselves so that they are both emotionally and physically ready to learn.

What’s different about our approach at Steward?

The increasingly fast-paced, competitive, and technology-based modern culture can have an impact on all of us, from the smallest JK’ers to Upper Schoolers and teachers. It’s essential that our school recognizes this and directly addresses it in our program. Steward, a generally joyful learning environment for students and teachers, is providing tools for mindfulness, character education, and healthy choices. We’re adding more time outside and bringing in special speakers and professional development about health and wellbeing. These things are making a difference already, and we will continue to enhance this programming in the months and years to come.


Steward for Learning

What is modern knowledge?

Head of School Dan Frank explains, “We’re not pursuing knowledge for the sake of knowledge at Steward. Today’s world is in need of thinkers, doers, and leaders who will be idea-generators and solution-builders. That’s what we’re teaching. Traditional curricula gives us fundamental knowledge, but modern knowledge, such as systems thinking and design thinking, combines that knowledge and teaches us how to apply it.”

What’s different about our approach at Steward?

"Our intentionality,” Mr. Frank says. “Not only do we train our faculty on how to teach it, but we hold them accountable for it. That sets us apart.”
Explore more videos about our school, our strategic plan, and our campaign. Watch the video below to learn more about how modern knowledge comes to life at Steward. 

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