Steward Offers New Collection of Online Courses for Students

Partnership with One Schoolhouse enhances Steward's online offerings.
The Steward School offers its Upper School students a rigorous curriculum with a broad selection of courses to round out their academic experience. We also allow students opportunities to enrich, and even accelerate, their studies with online courses. 

In previous years, we accommodated a range of online educational providers that, while beneficial for students, were not consistent across years or platforms. Now, to provide greater consistency and to further enhance our online learning learning opportunities at Steward, we are pleased to announce that the Upper School has partnered with One Schoolhouse, a nonprofit supplemental education company providing personalized classroom instruction.

One Schoolhouse is a consortium of over 200 leading independent schools in the U.S. that join together to offer high-quality online courses taught by independent school teachers who are, like Steward's own faculty members, experts in their subject area. The consortium's core courses are approved by the NCAA, and AP courses are approved by the College Board, meaning students will be able to initiate a transfer to college credit upon successful completion. During the 2021-22 school year, students can choose from dozens of classes including AP Economics, Marine Science, Social Entrepreneurship, American Sign Language, and many more.

"This partnership opens up so many avenues for students to pursue their passions and accelerate their learning," Director of the Upper School Adam Seldis said. "By endorsing One Schoolhouse, Steward can now offer students a consistent set of online classes that we know to be academically rigorous and in-line with our own educational philosophy."

An attractive feature of this service, which comes at an additional cost to Steward's tuition, is that students aren't bound to a particular location or time period to complete their coursework. Instead, One Schoolhouse trades scheduled class meetings for weekly assignments posted in advance along with periodic deadlines. This helps alleviate scheduling conflicts so that students don't have to choose between taking an in-person or online class. With One Schoolhouse, they can do both. In fact, One Schoolhouse students still meet with teachers and their fellow classmates — each class contains 18 students on average — meaning students still receive a personalized, project-based learning experience.

The partnership signals a greater headway on Steward's plan to remain resilient during, and following, the COVID-19 pandemic, making a concerted effort to expand our interdisciplinary offerings while clarifying our online learning policies. We are excited to see these efforts grow in the coming months and years, as we know students will benefit from more flexibility in their studies. If you would like more information about Steward's online learning policies or our partnership with One Schoolhouse, please contact your student's academic dean.

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