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"It was a magical summer welcoming 18 students of Hispanic heritage and their families to The Steward School. The bilingual atmosphere, camaraderie, and their willingness to learn were refreshing and rewarding."
-Melanie Rodriguez, LEAP Director 
The Latino Education and Advancement Program (LEAP) is the flagship program of The Steward School’s Avanzando (“moving forward”) Latino Education Initiative. LEAP seeks to introduce Richmond-area Latino students to the fundamentals of independent school educational and academic experiences. Moreover, this four-week summer program will enrich and support the education of Latino students no matter what school they attend currently or in the future.

LEAP is targeted to rising eighth-grade Latino students. The Steward School will offer a rigorous, enriched college-preparatory curriculum in ESL, Spanish, math, and technology, with segments on study skills and English language skills. The program will be administered by Spanish-speaking Steward staff on The Steward School campus beginning in the summer of 2007.
Through the program, at least 20 students and their families will be introduced to the demands of independent school curriculum and culture. Parents will be invited to participate in various components of the program, and they will be guided by Admissions representatives through the process of selecting and applying for admission and financial aid to an independent school.

Mrs. Rodriguez explains, “We are reaching out to area youth at a critical age: their academic and personal interests are growing, but the educational and social opportunities available to them may be limiting. LEAP seeks to bridge the gap between the two.” The ultimate goal of LEAP is to offer opportunities to Richmond-area Latino youth that enable—and empower—these students to prepare for their future.
Meet the Director
Melanie Rodriguez
US Spanish Teacher/LEAP Director
(804) 740-3394 x5548
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