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The start of school is a wonderful time for children and parents. Watching your child embark on their educational journey should be filled with excitement and joy. At Steward, we work to ensure that the early childhood experience is designed to meet the unique developmental needs of four and five year olds, as well as challenge them intellectually, nurture them emotionally, and prepare them for a lifelong love of learning.

Through intentional opportunities to play, research, investigate, problem-solve, build, and reflect, students’ natural curiosity is promoted, and the foundation for rigorous academics is set. Our program also provides children with time to develop skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives like mindfulness, empathy, responsibility, and stewardship.

In junior kindergarten and kindergarten at Steward, we are able to challenge and support children using research-based methods and best practices combined with a loving and nurturing community. By using the workshop approach in all academic subjects, children are presented with a learning point and then able to make it meaningful and apply their learning through a variety of activities and materials that are tailor-made for their needs. Early readers and math minds find ample support and resources for their seemingly limitless capacity for learning. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills and grow both academically and personally.

Our junior kindergarten and kindergarten classes are integrated into the school community, allowing students to actively participate in every facet of campus life. In addition to regularly scheduled classes in Spanish, PE, music, art, science, engineering, computational thinking, theatre, and library, our students also take full advantage of our 37 acres for learning outside the classroom in our gardens, as well as on our fields and playground. Hands-on learning takes place in the classroom, outside, and in our Bryan Innovation Lab, the only one of its kind in the city.

We encourage you to come visit and see for yourself what makes Steward the ideal place for young children to start their educational journey.

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