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The Alumni Association is thrilled to announce a special fundraising campaign to establish an endowed Alumni Legacy Scholarship. Once the initial fundraising goal of $100,000 has been met, the gifts will be invested, and the income will contribute to the funds available to award as scholarships. In the first year, four $1,000 scholarships will be awarded. In subsequent years, the Alumni Board will have an annual goal of raising additional funds so that the scholarships can increase in scope and amount. Use the form below to make a gift to the Alumni Legacy Scholarship.

If you have any questions, please contact the Alumni Engagement Team at Thank you for your support!

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  • Alumni Legacy Scholarship Donors

    Ms. Jamie Adams '09
    Altria Matching Gifts Program
    The Steward School Alumni Association
    Mr. Marcus R. Andriano '23
    Mr. Harry M. Baron '01 and Mrs. Caitlin Rossmoore Baron '01
    The Benevity Community Impact Fund
    Ms. LouEllen P. Blackwelder '84
    Mrs. Dani Fraizer Blake '09 and Mr. Turner Blake
    Mrs. Carolyn R. Brandt
    Ms. Lauren Christian Redfern '07 and Mr. S. Pierce Redfern
    CustomInk LLC
    Mr. James C. DeJarnette V '92 and Mrs. Edie Wyman DeJarnette
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. DeLaney, Jr.
    Ms. Elizabeth Ann DeLaney '08
    Ms. Mary Martha DeLaney '08
    Mr. Robert S. Dietz '81 and Mrs. Denise Featherston Dietz '81
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Fairly '81
    Mr. William L. Farmer, Jr. '15
    Mrs. Elizabeth Farmer-Smith '09
    Mr. Elliot French '20
    Ms. Anna I. Fuhr '14
    Mr. Jordan C. Harless and Mrs. Veronica Tharp Harless '09
    Ms. Alaina R. Jefferson '22
    Mr. Richard Jupe and Mrs. Mary Hollis Lewis Jupe '84
    Mr. Nathan A. Lather '20
    Mr. Jared Levin and Mrs. Kaitlin Meyer Levin '07
    Mr. James Lipp and Mrs. Catherine Cooper Lipp '93
    Mr. David T. Miracle '14
    Ms. Susan I. Mire '14
    Mr. and Mrs. A. Scott Moncure '83
    Mr. Chad Montgomery and Mrs. Meg White Montgomery '05
    Mr.  Ernest A. Mooney, Jr.
    Mr. E. Keith Mooney '87
    Mr. Keith M. Murphy '09
    Ms. Paula C. Murphy
    Mr. Michael E. Murray and Mrs. Katherine Porter Murray '92
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nolde, Jr. 
    Ms. Mary Harvard Nolde '93
    Mr. Frazer M. Orgain '95 and Mrs. Corbin Adamson Orgain '96
    Mr. and Mrs. William S. Porter
     Steve and Blair McGee Raber '82
    Mrs. Kemis A. Rawls '08 and Mr. Brewster Rawls
    Ms. Janet L. Rice
    Mr. Grayson B. Rose '20
    Mr. James E. Schreiber '05 and Mrs. Ashley-Lauren Schreiber
    Mr.  Wyman J. Smith '82
    Mr. Kamron R. Smith '16
    Ms. Chloe Staples '14
    Mr. W. B. Sullivan '97
    Mr. and Mrs. Rihard S. Sutton
    Mrs. Alexandra N. Szilassy '86 and Mrs. Shonna Sullivan-Szilassy
    The T. Rowe Price Program
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Tharp
    Mr. Alexander L. Tharp '08
    Mr. Andrew L. Thompson '21
    Mr. Lawrence R. Twining and Mrs. Susan Cramer Twining '84
    Ms. Abbey Twining '13
    Mr. Mason A. Twining '18
    Mrs. Blair S. Van Selow '05 and Mr. Brock Van Selow 
    Mr. Keith E. Waddell '87 and Mrs. Carol Waddell
    Ms. Laura Weisiger '02
    Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wiltshire
  • Completed Alumni Legacy Challenge Gifts

    In April, 2023 Scott Moncure '83 provided a $5,000 matching gift challenge in honor of the 2022 Alumni Achievement Award recipients: Denise Featherston Dietz '81, Robert Dietz '81, Wyman Smth '82, and Robinnette Turner Wrobel '83. This challenge was met and followed by a new challenge from Keith Waddell '87, who offered a match of up to $10,000 in honor of Steward's Class of 1987. This challenge was also met, bringing the total to $37,225 as of June 30, 2023.

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