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  • Becoming Lifelong Stewards

    Through service
The purpose of service learning at Steward is for students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves by applying creativity, critical-thinking skills, and action toward authentic needs in our local (and global) communities with the hope of enacting positive change. We aim to embody Steward’s core values of honor, responsibility, achievement, care, and respect of self and others to become lifelong stewards, learning from and serving in our communities.

Research shows that students involved in service learning are more likely to pursue service professions in government, medicine, education, non-profit leadership, and more.

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  • What is service learning?

    Service learning is an educational approach that integrates curriculum and community needs through a cycle of action and reflection. This approach enhances real world learning through authentic connections and differs from a traditional community service model due to the intentional process of preparation and reflection. Service learning requires  collaborative effort of students, teachers, administrators, community agencies and members to work together with deliberate thought and action toward a common purpose that has reciprocal benefits for all.
  • Definition of key terms

    • Civic engagement - promoting the quality of life in a community through political and nonpolitical processes; working to make a difference in the civic (city) life of one’s community. This may include volunteering, service learning, or national service.
    • Community service - the action of helping or doing work for someone within a community.
    • Community engagement - long-term involvement with our community to provide access to a greater range of solutions.
    • Justice - the quality of being morally right or fair.
    • Purpose - the intention, aim, or reason for which something is done or exists.
    • Service Learning - educational approach that integrates curriculum and authentic community needs through a cycle of action and reflection.
    • Stewardship - careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.
  • Program goals

    Our goal with the service learning program is to ensure that each experience includes:
    • Links to school curriculum
    • Student voices
    • Community partners
    • Diversity of perspectives
    • Meaningful service through intentional steps: investigation, planning/preparation, action, reflection, and sharing
  • How do we define the scope of service?

    Our service scope begins on the Steward campus and in the surrounding community, then extends to the local, regional, national, and international communities with which we are engaged. 
  • What are Steward's service learning themes?

    While recognizing that our student body and its interests evolve over time, along with being sensitive to needs in our community, our current themes are centered around the following initiatives:
    • Special Needs and Diverse Abilities
    • Food Sustainability and Gardening
    • Safe and Strong Communities
    • Animal Protection and Care
  • Who are our partners?

    As many of us discover throughout life’s journey, it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Learning is about connections, and service learning is no different. Projects that connect to real people, creatures, or community are vital for deep learning to occur. Steward prides itself on vast connections within metro Richmond and beyond, as well as teachers who are committed to long-term change in our society.

    Our goal is to have long-term community partners for every grade level to provide meaningful experiences that shape potential careers and aspirations and enhance students’ preparation for life outside of Steward.

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