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    Since the Bryan Lab's opening in 2013
The Bryan Innovation Lab’s Visiting Innovators program brings real-world experts to Steward’s campus and provides educational opportunities for our students and families that they would likely not have anywhere else.

The program proudly features national and local experts who are leading thinkers and change-makers in their fields. While on campus, these innovators help students, faculty, and the Richmond community develop a deeper understanding of world issues. Visiting Innovators share their expertise in a variety of ways that highlight thinking “outside the box” — speaking to our students, working with classes on relevant issues, making presentations that are open to the Richmond community, and conducting workshops for families. We often maintain long-term relationships with previous Visiting Innovators, as they continue to make strides advancing their missions to empower others to make the world a better place.

Our Supporters

Special programming is often available to the Richmond community, and we value partnering with other schools and organizations that are interested in gaining expert perspectives to foster innovative education and insight into a variety of topics.

We thank our sponsors and partners for helping support innovative programing. We believe that our pursuit of innovative education should be collaborative and inclusive; support for our programming helps support sharing this amazing resource with our community.
If you are interested in supporting innovative programming for our community, please contact

Meet the Bryan Innovation Lab Team

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    Megan Young 

    BIL Program Coordinator
  • Photo of Laura Akesson

    Laura Akesson 

    US Science Teacher and BIL Liaison
  • Photo of Suzanne Casey

    Suzanne Casey 

    Innovation Specialist
  • Photo of Eleanor Bailey

    Claire Bailey 

    MS Science Teacher
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