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Steward’s Entrepreneurship Studies program allows our Upper School students increased opportunities for entrepreneurship education — including academic studies, hands-on learning, and skill building, as well as the possibility of earning a unique credential that will prepare them both for their college applications and their future careers. Students who earn enough credentials will graduate with a diploma endorsement in entrepreneurship. The program was developed through a partnership between Steward faculty and successful local entrepreneurs.

The Steward School’s Entrepreneurship Studies program is a co-curricular series of opportunities available to all students in the Upper School. These opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • attending lectures and discussions with visiting entrepreneurs on campus and in the Metro Richmond area;
  • participating in field trips to witness entrepreneurship in action at startups and incubators;
  • interning with a local entrepreneur;
  • creating student clubs and organizations with entrepreneurial aims;
  • and choosing an entrepreneurial focus for the senior capstone research paper and presentation.

By engaging in the Entrepreneurship Program’s activities, students earn participation units. These units are designated as either “knowledge units” or “creation units.” Knowledge Units are earned by attending Entrepreneurship Studies events such as lectures or lunchtime discussions (1 Knowledge Unit = Attendance at 1 event). Creation Units are earned by participating in activities that require a significant level of engagement and commitment of time, i.e., an entrepreneurship internship (1 Creation Unit = 5 hours of entrepreneurship-related work). Students accumulate units in order to earn credentials (6 Knowledge Units = 1 Knowledge Credential and 4 Creation Units = 1 Creation Credential).

Students may earn an Entrepreneurship Diploma Endorsement by completing the following requirements: 3 credentials (at least one of these must be a Creation Credential), an “Introduction to Business” seminar led by local entrepreneurs, and a senior capstone research paper and presentation with an entrepreneurial focus.


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