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  • Making Music Together

    Expressing yourself one note at a time
The music program at The Steward School seeks to deepen students’ understanding of and love for music through a wide range of offerings. According to Suzette Clark, author of "I'm Your Teacher, Not Your Mother," a study from Columbia University revealed that students who study arts are more cooperative with their teachers and peers, have higher levels of self-confidence, and are more equipped to express themselves and their ideas, which are only a few of the many reasons music instruction begins in junior kindergarten. There is evidence that music can have a marked effect on conceptual development and abstract interpretation in other subject areas, such as reading, mathematics, and expressive activities, including creative writing.

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  • Lower School

    The goal of the Lower School music program is to provide the students with a vehicle for emotional expression and a unique intellectual discipline. Students gain an understanding of music through developmental experiences in singing, moving, listening, and performing on various rhythmic and melodic instruments. The music program assists students in discovering their own personal talents and nurturing that talent through opportunities provided both inside and outside the classroom musical experience. Lower School music classes produce the popular Holiday Program and Grandparents and Special Friends Day Program each year.
  • Middle School Choral Music

    The Middle School music program lays a foundation for an understanding of the mechanics of reading and performing a choral score. The program emphasizes the fundamentals of vocal development, reading traditional notation, and developing competency in both ensemble and individual performances. Students participate in choral ensembles and have opportunities to perform at School events and local music festivals and competitions. Ensembles allow students to inspire and encourage each other toward a shared goal of exciting, high-quality performance. Through their dedication and hard work, The Steward School Middle School choirs develop a lifelong love of music.
  • Upper School Choral Music

    The Upper School music program is devised to involve the student in a course of study concentrating on the acquisition of higher-level skills needed to achieve proficiency in ensemble vocal performance. Students expand on the repertoire of skills for performance and creativity, and vocal literature advances in difficulty as the students move through the program. Students are encouraged to take on leadership responsibilities in the classroom and build on evaluative skills in group and individual settings. These opportunities help students develop the skills, proficiency, and confidence necessary to be independent players while at the same time being collaborative members of a larger group.
  • Middle and Upper Instrumental Music

    The Steward School Instrumental Music Program offers students opportunities to discover their talents and a means for purposeful recreation that can be of lifelong value. Instrumental music students work in a collaborative, hands-on learning environment while using higher thinking skills to analyze, evaluate, and create simultaneously. Instrumental music instruction is offered in a variety of band and string instruments and emphasizes proper tone production, note reading, and musicality in solo and ensemble performance. Members of the instrumental music program become members of the Concert Band, the Jazz Band, and the Basketball Pep Band. They are also offered a variety of performance opportunities as soloists and as members of small group ensembles for numerous on- and off-campus events.

Meet the Music Team

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    Sandy Dacus 

    LS Music Teacher
    (804) 740-3394 x3427
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    John McAlister 

    MS/US Instrumental Music Teacher
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  • Photo of Erin Roukous

    Erin Roukous 

    LS Music Teacher
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    Heidi Taylor 

    MS/US Choral Music Teacher
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