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  • A winning foundation

    The Steward School’s world-class athletic facilities have won a variety of awards.
The Steward School’s world-class athletic facilities directly reflect the school’s commitment to physical activity, fitness, and skill development.

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  • Athletic Center

    The athletic department is headquartered in the Athletic Center, which features gymnasiums, fields, courts, a weight room, and the Spartan Shop.

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  • Athletic Fields

    For outdoor sports, Steward boasts eight full-size tennis courts and four 36-foot tennis courts as well as four athletic fields for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and baseball.

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    Baseball Field

    The baseball field made Steward history in 2013 by winning the Field of the Year award from the Sports Turf Managers Association.

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    Tennis Complex

    Taking home two state championships in 2019, the tennis courts are seeing lots of action. 

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    Training Room

    The training room is a well-stocked space to rehab among our athletes.

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    Weight Room

    The Ray Tate Weight Room is equipped with a variety of lifting platforms and machines. 

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Spartan Shop

The Spartan Shop is the only place to get your favorite Steward gear. Spirit wear including t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and hats, plus gift items and school supplies, are just some of the Spartan gear available in the store. 

The Spartan Shop is typically open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the school year, with alternate hours during exam weeks. 


Contact Us

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  • Photo of Bruce Secrest

    Bruce Secrest 

    Director of Athletics
    (804) 565-2305
  • Photo of Kara Bacile

    Kara Bacile 

    Assistant Director of Athletics
    (804) 740-3394 x3410
  • Photo of Garrett Compton

    Garrett Compton 

    Athletic Operations Manager
    (804) 740-3394 x3596
  • Photo of Lawrence Twining

    Chad Twining 

    Strength & Conditioning Coach
    (804) 740-3394
  • Photo of Grace Bayer

    Grace Bayer 

    Athletic Trainer
    (804) 740-3394 x3405
  • Photo of Holger Schmidt

    Holger Schmidt 

    Part-time Coach
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