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Families from all over central Virginia are part of the Steward community, from the city of Richmond to the surrounding counties of Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, Powhatan, Goochland, and beyond. There are 47 different zip codes represented! Use the map* below to see how many Steward families are in your zip code. We’re happy to facilitate introductions if you’d like to meet neighboring families to talk carpools or playdates!

*Please note, pins are only representative of zip codes and are not Steward family addresses.

Meet the Admissions Team

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  • Photo of Lindsay McLaughlin

    Lindsay McLaughlin 

    Director of Admissions
    (804) 565-2315
  • Photo of Elizabeth Farmer-Smith

    Beth Farmer-Smith 

    Associate Director of Admissions
    (804) 565-2335
  • Photo of Bobbie Fass

    Bobbie Fass 

    Assistant Director of Admissions
    (804) 565-2334
  • Photo of Julie Herzog

    Julie Herzog 

    Admissions Associate
    (804) 740-3394
  • Photo of Lindsey Reynolds

    Lindsey Reynolds 

    Admissions Associate
    (804) 565-2339
  • Photo of Dana Wiles

    Dana Wiles 

    Admissions Psychologist
    (804) 740-3394
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