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Innovation Lab Facilities

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  • A unique learning facility

    For the next generation of innovators
Features of the Bryan Innovation Lab:

  • Flexible indoor and outdoor classroom spaces designed for multiple purposes and adaptable for future uses
  • Geothermal heat pump that uses the natural temperature of the earth to cool air in the summer and heat air in the winter
  • Photovoltaic power generation that converts the sun's energy to electricity
  • Solar hot water system that uses the sun's energy to passively heat water for the building
  • Two 2,500-gallon cisterns to collect run-off water that supplies five 300-gallon cisterns for landscape irrigation
  • Rain gardens and BMPs around the building collect additional water from building and parking areas
  • Radiant floor heating system for winter months

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  • The Core

    Exposed, labeled, and metered mechanical systems generate real-time data for students to investigate how energy is being generated and consumed.
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  • The Kitchen Studio and Gardens

    These spaces engage students in the production, preparation, consumption, and composting of food, fostering lifelong, healthy decision-making skills.
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  • The Outdoor Learning Environments

    With wetlands, forest, and a garden, there are opportunities for all disciplines to explore and apply natural laws and systems thinking to the interaction of natural spaces and human design.
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  • The Reynolds Innovation Studios

    These classroom spaces allow for scientific inquiry using cutting-edge equipment to develop creative, innovative, and collaborative solutions to real-world problems.
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  • The Wellness Studio

    A vital teaching space for physical exercise and social-emotional health. This dynamic, flexible space has movable partitions that can be closed to create quiet, reflective areas. 
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Meet the Bryan Innovation Lab Team

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  • Photo of Bradley Kovach

    Brad Kovach 

    BIL Dean
    (804) 740-3394 x2326
  • Photo of Megan Young

    Megan Young 

    BIL Program Specialist
    (804) 740-3394 x6615
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