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  • Preparing for college

    And beyond
Many independent schools are driven by a “bigger, better, faster” ethic. At Steward, we are driven by the notion that smaller is better — a smaller environment creating deeper relationships, greater opportunities, and enhanced learning.

While competition is important, students thrive in an atmosphere that doesn’t place competition above character, balance, and the profound need to feel confident stepping beyond one’s own comfort zone. By capitalizing on the deeper relationships built in a small school environment, we are able to strike a balance between support and challenge. The ability to use these skills effectively will set students apart as they move through college and life to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Upon entering the Upper School, the Advisory Program matches each student with his or her own advisor. This advisor supports that student through graduation to help lead the way through the complexities and unique challenges he or she may face during the important years before college.

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  • Upper School Course Guide

    The Steward School diploma will be awarded to those students who have successfully fulfilled the graduation requirements detailed below, and who have passed all of their courses with a college-recommending grade by the end of grade 12.

  • Activities

    • More than 80% of students in grades 6-12 participate on athletic teams.
    • More than 90% participate in the arts.
    • One feature of the extracurricular program is the scheduling of clubs during the school day so that those with after-school responsibilities may still participate in clubs.
    • The school's numerous organizations and clubs are a key part of creating the Steward experience and help to strengthen individual interests. Often, the friendships developed and lessons learned through these organizations help students discover what is truly important to them.
    • Students also have opportunities to start their own clubs as long as they are appropriate in nature and have a faculty sponsor.
    • A sampling of Upper School clubs includes: Arts Café, Diversity Club, Equestrian Club, Knitting Club, Model UN, Ping Pong Club, Pinterest Club, Pottery Club, Robotics Club, Running Club, Spanish Club, and Stewardship Club.
    • Student organizations include: Admissions Ambassadors, Class Officers, Honor Council, National Honor Society, Student Council for Activities, and Student Life Committee.
  • Facilities

    The Upper School is located in two adjoining buildings, Taylor Hall and Cosby Hall. Some highlights of the Upper School include:
    • Three Student Commons
    • Three Science Labs and Prep Areas for Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics and Fundamentals of Research
    • The ability to showcase major visual arts exhibits
    • Classes are also held in the Cramer Center, the Bryan Innovation Lab, the Athletic Center, and Wilton Hall
    • Lunch is provided in the Middle and Upper School Dining Commons
  • College Counseling Office

    The College Counseling Office individualizes the college admission process for each student during his or her journey from ninth grade through graduation. This personalized attention helps each student find his or her best fit within an often overwhelming number of college options.
  • Advanced Placement

    To keep students challenged and engaged along their academic journeys, we offer numerous honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Five core courses in the areas of English, social studies, mathematics, foreign language, and science, plus a grade-level seminar and one or more electives make up a typical Steward Upper School schedule.
  • Grade-Level Seminars

    In grade-level seminars, Upper School students explore the fundamentals of design and engineering, coding, health and wellness, research writing, and public speaking. Students create their own unforgettable experiences during our one-week Minimester program that includes internships, community service, foreign and domestic travel, and the capstone Senior Project.
  • Entrepreneurship Studies Program

    We also offer a unique Entrepreneurship Studies program that incorporates academic studies, hands-on learning, and skill building, as well as the possibility of earning a unique credential that will prepare them both for their college applications and their future careers.

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