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  • 2021-22 Lunch Program

We are pleased to welcome Meriwether Godsey back to Steward this year. Please read this communication for more details about the lunch program. 

If you have enrolled in the lunch program, you will receive weekly communications with the subject line: "Student Lunch Selections"
You may also visit to visit a locked bulletin board on the Spartan Hub with lunch announcements and menus.  

If you have questions about billing, please contact or call 740-3394.

If you have questions about the menu, please contact
🔒 The Spartan Hub Lunch Bulletin Board is only accessible to those enrolled in the lunch program.

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  • Lunch FAQs

    Is the lunch program mandatory?

    No. It is a voluntary program. Students may bring lunch to school. Restaurant deliveries are not allowed.

    How do I enroll in the lunch program?

    Please email or call 740-3394.

    Which days are included for the 3-day option?

    You may select any 3 days you would like based on the weekly menu. Consider being consistent with which days are selected so that the student knows which days there will be a boxed lunch and which days to bring lunch from home. For instance, you may select Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week.

    What is the cost of the program?

    • For students in grades K-5, the 3-day program costs $315 for August-December and the 5-day program costs $455.
    • For students in grades 6-12, the 3-day program costs $360 for August-December and the 5-day program costs $525.
    • Refunds will not be made for absences.

    How do I select the meals for the week?

    Each Sunday, a link will be sent to the parent(s) to select meals for the following week. Selections must be made before Wednesday at 8 a.m. 

    What happens if I forget to make meal selections?

    Everyone who is enrolled in the program will have a meal. We understand that families are busy.  If you forget to complete the form, your child will receive the main entrée for the number of days enrolled.

    What if I forget whether I signed up for 3- or 5-days?

    You may review your form in MySchoolApp or review your statement in Smart Tuition. If you enroll for the 3-day plan and you select 5 meals, your child will receive the selected meals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  

    Are beverages included with lunch?

    No beverages are included. Please bring a refillable water bottle.

    Can we go in and out of the program or sign up for a day?

    No. Enrollment is for the full or remaining part of each time period listed. Once enrolled, you will be billed for the remainder of the enrollment period. Boxed lunches are made as ordered and labeled with the name of the child.   

    When do we enroll in the lunch program for January through May?

    We will evaluate the lunch program later in the fall. The enrollment will be available in December.   

    What are the meal options?

    There are four menu options each day: Either a hot or cold main meal, vegetarian, sandwich, or salad. 

    My child has a field trip, what do I need to do?

    If your child is enrolled in the lunch program, a boxed lunch will be provided to take on the field trip, when arranged by the teacher. Please select “Lunch NOT NEEDED” on the field trip date. There is no credit for missed meals.

    My child has food allergies, how do I know what to order?

    Each menu item has a nutritional card available on the order form. You may review and decide the best option for your child. Our menu continues to be a nut-free menu.

    I have a question about my bill, who do I contact?

    Please contact or call 740-3394.

    I have questions about the menu, who do I contact?

    Please contact
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