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  • Colorful Brilliance

    You can change the world – one brush stroke at a time.
Becoming a fine artist is so much more than going through the motions. It’s about finding one’s own way of seeing and experiencing the world and mastering the techniques to share that vision.
Steward’s visual arts program introduces students to opportunities for self-expression by working with many media to create projects. The breadth and depth of the program offer opportunities for students at all levels from beginning to advanced.

Lower School

Twice a week, students have art instruction that corresponds to the units of study in the classroom. In the Lower School, students learn the basics — from the elements of art to the principles of design. Through this understanding, they are able to create art that is both expressive and visually pleasing. Student artwork is displayed year-round in the dining commons and hallways of the Lower School.

Middle School

In Middle School, students continue to develop the skills acquired in the Lower School. Students learn to critique their own work and the work of others. Sixth graders rotate through academic quarters of art, choral music, instrumental music, and theatre, while seventh and eighth graders choose the full-year fine arts elective that best allows them to express themselves. Visual arts classes in the Middle School cover sketching, watercolor, printmaking, sculpture, 3-D arts, ceramics, and photography.

Upper School

Upper School students are able to explore the visual arts through photography, digital photography, videography, media studies, and studio art. Steward artists regularly display their work on campus, at community art shows, and at local businesses.

The Upper School art program exposes students to different mediums and creative processes. As students learn additional techniques, creative self-expression is encouraged through projects and class assignments. Studio Art allows students to delve into advanced painting and drawing, 3-D art, design and visual thinking, visual literacy, perceptual awareness, and portfolio creation. Courses are designed to introduce students to art, as well as to prepare advanced art students for a collegiate experience. Upper School photography students learn to create compelling photographs and develop a strong visual aesthetic. Course topics include image composition, dynamic range, and digital imaging techniques. In addition, students develop their skills in Adobe Photoshop and similar software programs, while gaining an understanding of the digital photography industry.

Steward’s graphic design program combines leading-edge technology with a classical foundation in art history, design theory, and critical thinking. Students gain an understanding of visual literacy and an appreciation of photography as an expressive fine arts medium.

Meet the Visual Arts Team

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