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    One school. One team.
    Steward’s athletic program is focused on development, both of the individual and the team. Because of our purposeful size, our expert coaches are able to get to know each player on and off the field. At all levels, we are focused on developing the whole athlete, emphasizing skill as well as character, confidence, leadership, and teamwork.

    We are proud that we have grown over the years to support more than 40 competitive teams, with nearly 75 percent of Middle and Upper School students participating. Our teams, coaches, and individual athletes consistently win awards for their hard work, garnering numerous All-Metro, All-State, and TCIS All-Conference awards throughout the years.   

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Steward's athletic program prepared me for facing competition in college and later in life. I learned how to use the skills gained from being part of a team, whether we won or lost, in my real life.

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    Bruce Secrest 

    Director of Athletics
    (804) 565-2305
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    Kara Bacile 

    Assistant Director of Athletics
    (804) 740-3394 x3410
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    Garrett Compton 

    Athletic Operations Manager
    (804) 740-3394 x3596
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    Chad Twining 

    Strength & Conditioning Coach
    (804) 740-3394
  • Photo of Grace Bayer

    Grace Bayer 

    Athletic Trainer
    (804) 740-3394 x3405
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