Athletic Hall of Fame

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  • Recognizing Steward’s Greatest

    Former athletes, coaches, and athletic program contributors
In 2015, The Steward School established an Athletic Hall of Fame to recognize members of the Steward community who have proven exceptionally influential in athletics. They also serve as role models for current and future Steward student-athletes. With the new Hall of Fame established, it was decided that honorees will be inducted every third January with a ceremony and reception in the Lora M. Robins Theatre and at the Steward Winter Invitational. The next class of inductees will be celebrated in January 2022. 

The following outstanding Steward athletes, coaches, and athletic program contributors were honored in 2018 as Steward's third Athletic Hall of Fame class.

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  • J. Neil Turnage, DDS

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  • Jennifer (Gray) Meador ’02

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  • Shawn Lewis ’97

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  • 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

    • Donald E. Steeber—Former Athletic Director, Teacher, Coach, and Director of Facilities
    • Ian M. Coddington—Former Dean of Upper School Students, Teacher, Coach, and Advisor
    • J. Michael Edwards—Class of 2003
    • Jennifer J. Keller—Class of 1988
    • Susan Cramer Twining—Class of 1984
  • 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

    • Corey Turnage—Class of 1988
    • Janet Rice—Former Athletic Director and Coach
    • Lee Healey—Spartan Club Board Member and Athletics Contributor
    • Mark Mayers—Class of 1987
    • Sandy Szilassy—Class of 1986
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