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    Enhancing the learning experience 
At The Steward School, we believe that every child is unique and a valuable member of our close-knit community. With this belief comes a responsibility to equip students with the tools they need to thrive both inside and outside the classroom. The Center for the Advancement of Learning (CAL) supports students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12 by helping them develop the skills they need to succeed in class, in college, and in life. We serve as a resource for students with specific academic content needs; in addition, we can connect families with other school-related support, including our School Counselor. 

True Partners
Whether it’s working together on a math problem, reading aloud to each other, or taking a deep dive into a scientific phenomenon, tutors and students form an important partnership in learning. 

CAL tutors are dedicated to your child’s success. With a “can do” attitude, they encourage and support, tailoring their tutoring sessions to students’ specific needs. Tutors and students meet one-on-one on campus, in a comfortable setting, during the school day. (Some tutors are available before or after school. In addition, while virtual tutoring is available under special circumstances, we prefer in-person tutoring whenever possible.)  Students receive goal-oriented instruction and gain confidence as they sharpen their problem-solving skills and study skills.  

Tailor-Made Learning 
Students are paired with CAL tutors based on their academic skills and learning styles. With a wealth of experience in one-on-one instruction, tutors collaborate with teachers to use proven techniques to best serve students. 

In the Lower School, sessions typically focus on foundational literacy skills, reading comprehension and fluency, and number sense. CAL also provides Lower School teachers with evidence-based intervention strategies to increase academic success. For example, CAL recognizes the importance of speech and language development and motor skill acquisition in literacy development. As such, we coordinate speech and language screening, and occupational therapy screenings each year. 

Middle and Upper School students can receive content-specific tutoring and develop skills to improve time management, studying, and test-taking. CAL staff also work with Middle and Upper Schoolers to strengthen their self-advocacy and self-confidence, which in turn can bolster students’ academic progress. 

Scheduling and Billing
The frequency of sessions can be adjusted to the needs of the student. The cost of each hour-long session ($60, plus a 20% administrative fee to cover materials and operating costs) is billed through the school. Students who need financial assistance may apply for the Robins Tutoring Scholarship Fund, which can be used to cover some of the costs for qualifying applicants. Contact CAL Director Yaa Agyekum for more information.

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  • Tutoring Services

    Tutoring can strengthen concepts taught in the classroom or remediate deficits in the core areas of reading, writing, math, or Spanish. Fill out the Tutoring Request Form to get started. 
  • Additional Resources

    There are numerous mobile apps and websites that parents can access for educational resources. In addition, Common Sense Media reviews websites and mobile apps and can help parents choose age-appropriate resources.


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