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  • Realizing Our Best Selves

    And connecting positively with the world around us
The Health and Wellness program at Steward is designed to empower our community members to develop the knowledge and skills needed to engage in health-enhancing behaviors throughout their lives. Our school-wide Health and Wellness curriculum is skills-based and focuses on various dimensions of wellness. Together, these dimensions and others form a framework that guides community members towards a holistic understanding of personal well-being.

As the Steward community engages in Health and Wellness classes, initiatives, and programs, we collectively build a toolkit of skills related to resilience, self-awareness, empathy, and informed decision-making. The ultimate goal of our Health and Wellness program is to help Spartans realize their best selves and connect positively with the world around them.

Health & Wellness Initiatives at Steward

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  • Lower School

    • JK-5 character education lessons taught to each class focusing on self-regulation, self-awareness, responsible decision making, social awareness, and relationship skills using a variety of interactive lessons that include literature, games, service projects, crafts, and more
    • Student and Faculty Wellness Week each November
    • Mindfulness practice incorporated into regular classroom instruction as well as character education lessons
    • "Friendship Lunches" for new and current students that promote friendship skills, and regular chats to encourage positive group dynamics among others
    • Physical education promotes sportsmanship and physical fitness
  • Middle School

    • Grades 6-8 wellness and physical education
    • Programming from The Social Institute, a gamified, online learning platform that empowers students to positively navigate their social world
    • Developmentally appropriate guest speaker events that incorporate current trends in wellness relating to drug and alcohol prevention, healthy relationships, mental health awareness, and more
    • Substance use prevention initiatives
    • Mindfulness education that integrates stress management and relaxation skills, self-awareness strategies, yoga, and more
    • "Chill Club" designed to teach students relaxation and wellness skills
  • Upper School

    • Health and wellness seminars in Grades 9-10
    • Substance use prevention initiatives
    • Health-oriented clubs
    • Affinity groups and clubs
  • Faculty and Staff

    • Wellness Week each November in the Lower School
    • Guest speakers and "Lunch and Learn" series covering wellness issues
    • Free yoga and meditation classes
    • Financial wellness education
    • Monthly incentive programs and challenges like "Mile a Day in May"

Health & Wellness News

Read our strategic plan, Compass 2022, to learn how a "Steward for the Individual" mindset influences our community at all levels.

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