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  • Making a Steward Education

    More accessible
    A core part of the Steward mission as a community is to celebrate a diversity of talents, abilities, and cultures among our student body, so that we can provide a rich and well-rounded private school experience. We believe that the Steward educational experience should be accessible to as many students as possible in the Richmond area. Therefore, in addition to an optional Variable Tuition program, Steward is a local and statewide leader in offering merit scholarships and grants. In our Upper School, 19% of students receive either a full merit scholarship or a partial merit grant.

Apply for merit-based grants and scholarships

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  • Debbie Robson Merit Scholarship

    The Debbie Robson Merit Scholarship provides four years of full Upper School tuition to a rising ninth grader who is new to Steward. Recipients are chosen on the basis of academic distinction and extracurricular involvement in areas such as athletics, arts, innovation, or community service.

    Who was Debbie Robson?
    Debbie joined The Steward School in 1999. Her responsibilities included eight years of tutoring for the Center for the Advancement of Learning (CAL) and two years of teaching Middle School math classes. In 2009, Debbie assumed the role of Steward's admissions director, and in 2013, she became the associate head of school for community advancement. She loved the school and poured her heart and soul into supporting it as a wonderful place to be. Whether she was giving a tour to a prospective family, teaching math to her students, or helping plan a special event, Debbie added enthusiasm and common sense in all situations.

    Robson Scholars include: Lourdes Olivencia '27, Natalia Jimenez '26, Xavier Nelson '25; Ana Reveles Leon '24; Bella Topich '23; Lucia Fogler '22 and Alaina Jefferson '22; Jack Morgan '21 and Nicole Odibo '21; Matthew Cantor '20 and Sonali Sanjay '20; and Morgan King '19, and Aayush Lalwaney '19.

    Process for Debbie Robson Merit Scholarship:
    1. Complete the online Scholarship application. This application is to be completed by the prospective student. On the application, the student should indicate if they are applying for only the Debbie Robson Merit Scholarship, only a Merit Grant, or both the Debbie Robson Merit Scholarship and Merit Grant.
    2. Submit a Character Reference Letter Request to an individual other than a teacher or family member (i.e. coach, music instructor, camp counselor, family friend, etc.).
    3. Complete an interview. The Admissions Office will contact you to schedule your interview in February.

    Items 1 and 2 are due by January 31
  • Melanie G. Rodriguez Scholarship

    The Melanie G. Rodriguez Scholarship provides a $10,000 yearly merit scholarship for Upper School tuition at Steward to a new or current student entering grade 9, 10, or 11. Recipients are chosen based on strong character, community service involvement, academics, and potential. The student needs to have participated in the Latino Education Advancement Program.

    The Melanie G. Rodriquez Scholarship is made possible by the generosity of the family of Lisa and Larry French, parents of Elliot French ’20. The inaugural scholarship recipient was Mercedes Torres ’27.

    About Melanie G. Rodriguez
    In 2007, Melanie G. Rodriguez founded the Latino Education Advancement Program (LEAP), a tuition-free, four-week summer program at Steward for Latino students entering grades 8-12. Her exemplary leadership and teaching enriched the lives of countless students. Mrs. Rodriguez, who also taught Spanish at Steward, retired in 2022 after 32 years at the school.

  • Merit Grants

    Steward offers multiple merit grants of up to $5,000 each per year for students entering Steward for the first time in ninth-eleventh grades. The main award criteria are the student’s character and leadership skills, which will be evaluated based upon references and involvement in service and extracurricular activities. Distinguished academics, innovative accomplishments, and financial need are also considered. All merit grant applicants must apply for Variable Tuition. Merit grants may be awarded alone or in conjunction with Variable Tuition, increasing accessibility for students.

    At the conclusion of each school year, the academic performance and school conduct of all recipients will be reviewed to ensure they continue to meet the standards established for the programs.

    Process for Merit Grant:
    1. Complete the online application. This application is to be completed by the prospective student. 
    2. Submit a Character Reference Letter Request to an individual other than a teacher or family member (i.e. coach, music instructor, camp counselor, family friend, etc.).
    3. Apply for Variable Tuition.

    All items are due by January 31.
  • Steward Impact Scholars

    Two Impact Scholars are named among current Steward eighth graders each year. Steward Impact Scholars are awarded a $10,000 merit scholarship for Upper School tuition at Steward ($2,500 per year). The criteria include character and leadership skills, involvement in community service and extracurricular activities, as well as distinguished academics. Learn more about the Impact Scholarship.

    Process for Impact Scholars:
    1. Applications will open on January 5, 2024. This application is to be completed by the current student.
    2. Submit a Character Reference Form Request to two individuals. One must be a Steward Middle School teacher, and the other can be a coach, music instructor, camp counselor, family friend, etc.
    3. Since academic distinction is part of the scholarship criteria, the Impact Scholars Committee will have access to the applicant’s current grades for the 2023-24 school year.
    4. Complete an interview (for finalists only). The interview will be scheduled by the Admissions Office.
    All items are due by February 5.

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