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Pancakes for a Purpose

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  • A Fun Morning to Honor a Friend

About Pancakes for a Purpose

Thank you for joining us for the 7th Annual Debbie Robson Pancakes for a Purpose and Fun Run! We look forward to next year's event!

Learn more about the 2021 Debbie Robson Merit Scholar here.

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  • About the Debbie Robson Merit Scholarship

    The Debbie Robson Merit Scholarship provides four years of full Upper School tuition to a rising ninth grader who is new to Steward. Recipients are chosen on the basis of academic distinction and extracurricular involvement in areas such as athletics, arts, innovation, or community service.
  • Who was Debbie Robson?

    Debbie joined The Steward School in 1999. Her tenure included eight years of tutoring for the Center for the Advancement of Learning (CAL) and two years of teaching Middle School math classes. In 2009, Debbie assumed the role of Steward's admissions director, and in 2013, she became the associate head of school for community advancement. She loved the school and poured her heart and soul into supporting it as a wonderful place to be. Whether she was giving a tour to a prospective family, teaching math to her students, or helping plan a special event, Debbie added enthusiasm and common sense in all situations.

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Honor Debbie Robson

Make a gift to the Debbie Robson Merit Scholarship fund.

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