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  • Enhancing the Academic Experience


The mission of the Bryan Innovation Lab is to inspire and educate students, faculty, staff, and the greater Steward community by connecting global thought leadership with interactive problem-solving opportunities in order to discover, engage, and excel in our rapidly changing world.


This unique facility and programming will strengthen the knowledge and awareness that we are all part of a greater system and have the opportunity to play a significant role in finding solutions to challenges we face together. We believe the unique hands-on learning environment of the Bryan Lab will enhance and strengthen each student’s enthusiasm for learning, adaptability, and critical thinking skills. Within all topics and program areas we strive to enhance the integration of innovation, technology, systems thinking, collaboration, and problem solving.

Philosophy of the Bryan Lab

Through the engagement of dynamic local and global experts, we will inspire students and faculty to further their own understanding of what drives them as stewards. We believe that the most meaningful learning is experiential, interdisciplinary, and focused on real-world issues. We bring accessibility to major economic drivers in our society by utilizing the Lab’s features to investigate three main areas of focus: energy and resources, health and wellness, and the natural and the built environments. These areas studied together give students opportunities to view the topics from a worldly perspective. For this to be effective, learning not only requires the active involvement of students, faculty, and staff, but also of families and mentors from the broader community.

Through the exploration of these program areas, our students will become players in the arena of expanding world demands and exponentially shrinking resources. They are encouraged to communicate their knowledge of world perspectives, utilize critical thinking, and collaborate to develop innovative solutions. This experience will help prepare them to have the confidence to tackle issues they encounter as they progress through life.

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  • Theme #1: Energy and Resources

    Through scientific research, this section of our curriculum engages students in the usage of energy and natural resources. Student analysis of the Bryan Lab’s energy usage offers real-life data that illustrates how technology and behavior can impact the use of energy. How resources are conserved can be seen in a multitude of systems on the Bryan Lab grounds.
  • Theme #2: Health and Wellness

    Within healthcare today, there is a special emphasis placed on preventative care to address the challenges we are experiencing as a society. This section of the curriculum focuses on conveying the importance of nutrition, lifestyle behaviors, and personal interactions with our surroundings. Healthcare has become a significant driver in our economic future; an increase in holistic awareness paired with innovative technology will model healthy choices in wellness in our lives.
  • Theme #3: Natural and Built Environments

    This section of the curriculum explores the connectedness of our built and natural environments and the impacts they make on each other. Engineering, architecture, the environmental sciences, and the unique interactions of all living and non-living things are investigated. Special emphasis is placed on the maximization of efficiency within the built environment and the minimization of negative impacts through the investigation of natural systems.

Meet the Bryan Innovation Lab Team

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    Brad Kovach 

    BIL Dean
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    Megan Young 

    BIL Program Specialist
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