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Steward Planning to Be at Capacity in the 2021-22 School Year

School leadership explains our purposeful size
“Enrollment is limited because our size is intentional,” explains Head of School Dan Frank, when discussing the school’s plans for the 2021-22 school year. “Our analysis of the school’s capacity is not simply about how many students fit in a classroom. It’s a mission-driven philosophy.”

This year, Steward received an unprecedented number of applications for new students for the upcoming school year. “This is good news for all of us,” Admissions Director Rebecca Hoffmann shared. “When we have the right number of students — not too many, not too few — everyone benefits. There are richer classroom conversations, more options for friends, talented artists and athletes to light up the stage and fields, and a healthier budget to support student resources. Our office has been pleasantly overwhelmed not only by the quantity of applicants, but also by the impressive young people who hope to enroll. Our new students are bright, curious, and open-hearted young people who will enrich our community.”

How does the school define its “just right” size?

Several years ago, Mr. Frank and the leadership team conducted a school size analysis. They considered factors such as the size of each division, grade, and classroom, as well as teams and performing arts. In addition, they strongly considered the size of groups in which each member of the group could have lots of casual relationships and several deep relationships; it's important at Steward that each member of the community be seen, heard, and known.

The analysis found that our intentionally-sized school should be large enough to provide the resources for students to explore their interests and curiosities across academics, athletics, and the arts concurrently, and small enough to encourage engagement and provide the personalized attention students need to pursue those interests.

As of June 1, enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is currently predicted to be approximately 690 students JK-12. That number is a bit above our past-highest enrollment of 672 in 2019-20 and includes approximately 165 new students. Mrs. Hoffmann and her team are still accepting applications at all grade levels, but only plan to enroll a few more students schoolwide. If you’re interested in speaking with the Admissions team, please contact them at

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