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Steward Is Today’s School for Tomorrow’s World

How might Steward inspire your future?
The Steward School prepares students to help shape the future. Students at our independent JK-12 school are engaged on a deeply personal level by a robust and challenging curriculum in an environment of boundless creativity. Here, learning and growth are achieved through foundational skills, innovative problem-solving, and the fearless exploration of topics that define our time. 

In this video, you’ll see how The Steward School is intentionally designed to encourage meaningful connections in an atmosphere of mutual care and respect. Students are continually engaged by topics and ideas that encourage the critical thought, empathy, civil discourse, and inspired thinking that will be necessary to continue moving the world forward. 

Explore how Steward might be the school to help you or your student prepare for the world ahead. Watch "Inspire the Future," our Steward story, and then connect with our Admissions team.


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