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Three-sport athlete Saara Qureshi '21 is headed to play D1 lacrosse at Mercer University next fall. 
Three-sport athlete Saara Qureshi '21 is headed to play D1 lacrosse at Mercer University next fall. Though she’s leaving Richmond, Steward will always be a part of her. Saara, who started at Steward in kindergarten, shared that she loves playing sports at Steward because of the bond between teammates of all ages.

Saara started playing lacrosse with her dad, Faisal Qureshi '92, in the backyard. When Grace Fass '21 started at Steward in fifth grade, the two became fast friends and bonded over their shared love of the game. They started playing on travel teams together, as they still do. Saara  plays midfield for the Spartans and on her travel team, the Yellow Jackets South, and will in college as well.

“I started playing field hockey, lacrosse, and basketball in Middle School,” Saara said. “The older girls then really took us under their wing, and we try to do the same thing for the younger girls now. My team members are my close friends, even if they’re not in my grade.”

This feeling is true off the courts and fields too. “Since Steward is a smaller community, being here has taught me to be very open to all kinds of people who are both older and younger than me,” she shared. “That’s a skill I’ll have throughout life. I won’t just stick to my comfort zone or my group of friends who are exactly like me.”

Athletics have given Saara confidence that will propel her as she plays in college and also helped earn her a starting position on the state-championship basketball team, in the National Honor Society, and as an Admissions Ambassador.

“When I'm playing, I get an energy, an adrenaline rush,” Saara shared. “I feel confident and know I’m a leader. I need to step up. I have a job to do. I want to be involved and help my team.”

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