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Sustainable Transportation Expert Visits Steward

On October 2, the Bryan Innovation Lab welcomed Visiting Innovator David Berdish to talk about mobile sustainability.

David Berdish
, Ford Motor Company’s retired Manager of Sustainable Business Development, was the first Visiting Innovator of the school year and will be part of the Bryan Innovation Lab’s programming throughout the spring semester. Mr. Berdish spent his career dealing with major transportation-related problems around the world, and he brought the topics of sustainable transportation, human rights, and infrastructure to Steward in October.

Mr. Berdish’s presentation illustrated the congestion, human trafficking, and carbon emission problems he has seen around the globe, and he challenged the Middle and Upper School students to evaluate their own roles in regard to these issues. These problems, he said, “are too tough for many people to tackle on their own. Some of us are stodgy and set in our ways, and the Bryan Lab is a way for us to work on problems together.”

In addition to his extensive list of international projects, he has worked on solving transportation issues domestically in Seattle; Atlanta; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; and many cities where gridlock is a problem. One of his current projects is Richmond2015, the UCI World Road Cycling Championships, which is the world’s largest cycling race and will take place in Richmond next year. Mr. Berdish is working with RVAPass, a “virtual metro” made up of transportation and technology companies who are trying to design a “connected city” app so that attendees of the race can navigate Richmond.

Mr. Berdish also spoke with visitors from the Richmond community at an evening presentation and reception. He closed his talk with the following slide: “Imagine…when arriving at a convenient Richmond location, a citizen will have easy access to transport (buses, trains, trolleys, clean fuel taxis, car share, bike share) and real-time information on arrival and departure times. Trips will be safe, sustainable, and seamlessly connected door-to-door. There are incredible benefits. An integrated system enhances current public transportation options, can reduce dangerous traffic congestions, and improve the quality of life for citizens.”

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