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Visiting Speaker Preaches Kindness

John Wagler, lead pastor at Richmond's Hill City Church, spoke to Middle Schoolers about the importance of small, kind acts.
On Thursday, October 22, the Middle School welcomed visiting speaker John Wagler, lead pastor at Hill City Church, a non-denominational church in Richmond. Mr. Wagler spoke in the Robins Theatre to a limited audience of eighth graders, while sixth and seventh graders watched from home or their classroom. During his speech, he imparted one simple, transformative lesson he learned from years of counseling others: small acts of kindness leave lifelong impressions.

"I regularly counsel people in the forties, fifties, and sixties, and most identify Middle School as the time when something devastating happened to them," Mr. Wagler said. "You all are at such a pivotal time because how you treat each other right now matters for decades to come."

That's why he believes it is critical for Middle Schoolers to look out for one another's best interests every single day. In Mr. Wagler's view, such kindness "helps everyone feel like they are fully known," or the hallmark of a thriving community.

"When there's sweetness in the community, everyone should be able to fully walk proud and feel like they are accepted," Mr. Wagler said. "In every situation, ask yourself, 'What would a kind person do?' Chances are you already know the answer."

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