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Library Month

The Steward School
Celebrating the joy of reading
Steward’s second-annual Library Month was filled with page-turning activities, all designed to inspire a love of reading, a deeper engagement with the magic of stories, and a personal connection with literature. Lower School Librarian Carlee Cutchin and Middle School/Upper School Librarian Crystal Hamlin, who collaborated to organize and promote Library Month, offered unique ways for readers of all ages to celebrate books.

Potatoes, Poems, and Pixilation 

You might say that Lower Schoolers embarked on a most “a-peeling” project during LIbrary Month. Armed with pom-poms, colorful paper, and other art supplies, students created book characters out of potatoes. The students’ mash-ups ranged from Peppa Pig to Harry Potter potatoes, and the spuds, arranged atop shelves in the Lower School Library, elicited smiles from every Library visitor.  

Ms. Cutchin said, “I thought it would be fun for students to think about their favorite book characters’ distinct characteristics so everyone would know who the potato represented. They also discussed their characters, and that led to many book recommendations. Not to mention … the potatoes were super cute!”  Lower Schoolers also read and wrote poetry. “Poetry is a great way for students to explore the marvels of language,” said Ms. Cutchin. “It’s really an opportunity to play with words. There are no parameters when it comes to poetry, and students embrace that freedom.” 

During Library Month, Middle and Upper School students participated in a haiku contest (to wit: “The library rocks/It will always be awesome/I love every book”). In the Makerspace of the Library, they cut out images from magazines and used a special gadget to create custom-made buttons. Spartans across all divisions played a game challenging them to decipher pixelated book covers, and they were treated to a week-long Book Fair. At the Family Book Fair, held in conjunction with the Parents Association Ice Cream Social, families could choose from hundreds of books for sale while they enjoyed some sweet treats. 

A New Tradition

Library Month exemplifies Steward’s commitment to preparing students for college and for life. Students in all grade levels explore the wonders of the written word, from our youngest Spartans’ library discoveries to Middle and Upper Schoolers reading and celebrating Shakespeare’s famous works.  

Ms. Hamlin said, “Library Month was awesome. The pixelated book covers was a fun activity; we received an astonishing 40 entries per day from each division.” The haiku challenge was inspiring, she noted. “I had one student create haikus for a full summary of “The Great Gatsby”! Plus, we were pleased to partner with the Parents Association Ice Cream Social for Family Book Fair. We’ve officially made that a tradition …it's on the calendar for next year!”

Take a look at the Steward Snaps from Library Month.

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