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Honoring Spartans of all ages 
Smiles, laughter, and Spartan pride: All were in full force at Steward’s 2022 Recognition Awards. This annual tradition brings together the Steward community to celebrate a successful school year and honor students for their spirit, leadership, and academic achievements. At each of the ceremonies, families cheered on their students as teachers and division directors presented the awards. Be sure to view the Steward Snaps from the Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School awards presentations.  

Lower School Recognition Awards
The following awards were announced on June 3: 

The Linda Dunville Award
Kara Freed

Certificates of Excellence
Art: Wysdom Walker
Spanish: Tori Scarpa
Physical Education/Sportsmanship: Madelyn Gunderson
Music: Mila Hirsch
Theatre: Porter Cram
Library: C.J. Brown

Kudos to the following Lower Schoolers for sharing their time, talent, and spirit with us!

Spelling Bee Winners
Steward School Spelling Bee Winner: Robert Alexander

Grade 5:
Mrs. Bailey's class: Jackson Kerr
Mr. Coles' class: Holden Teague
Mrs. Oliff's class: Jacob Campbell

Grade 4:
Ms. Goodpasture's class: Robert Alexander
Mrs. Kauffman’s class: Tabbi Akinfolajimi
Mr. Tickle's class: Laurel Kauffman

Grade 3:
Mrs. Hayes' class: Evangeline King
Mrs. Lenhart's class: Davis Reynolds
Mrs. Minster’s class: Mekhi Love

Check out the Steward Snaps from the Lower School Spelling Bee

Spirit Leaders 
Faith Akinfolajimi, Jacob Campbell, Madelyn Gunderson, Sam Herron, Ian Joyner, Tori Scarpa, Emerson Sherman, Kaitlynd Spangler, Giselle Sujanani, and Ann Carter Vinson 

Community Stewards/Bryan Lab Ambassadors 
Faith Akinfolajimi, Tylan Bell, Charlotte Berry, C.J. Brown, Roby Fisher, Liam Fogler, Kara Freed, Sam Herron, Ian Joyner, Lucie Langley, Amory Meyer, Declan Mullis, Layton Pray, Tori Scarpa, Matthew Spitzer, Wysdom Walker, and Kaitlynd Spangler

Admissions Panelists
Faith Akinfolajimi, C.J. Brown, Porter Cram, and Tori Scarpa

Program Speakers 
Faith Akinfolajimi, Charlotte Berry, C.J. Brown, Jacob Campbell, Porter Cram, Madelyn Gunderson, Ian Joyner, Lucie Langley, and William McCann

Middle School Recognition Awards
The following awards were announced during the Middle School Recognition Ceremony on June 3. A special thank you to our student speakers: Nadine Odibo (welcome remarks); Kamran Mohanty and Jeffrey Sproull (opening remarks); and Gabby Marshall and Rafi Zepeda (closing remarks). 

The Steward Award 
Rafi Zepeda 

Headmaster’s List 
By earning an A- or above in each class during the first three marking periods, the following students were named to the Headmaster’s List.

Eighth Grade: Gabby Acquaro, Anthony Bucco, Paul Gresock, Sadie Heyman, Kyri Knudson, Gabby Marshall, Sophia Schaffernoth, Jeffrey Sproull, Christian Vanderbeck, and Rafi Zepeda

Honor Roll
By earning a B- or above in each class during the first three marking periods, the following students were named to the Honor Roll.

Eighth Grade: Abby Calkins, Dante Castle, Sanai Green, Audrey Gunderson, James Heaton, Theo Hirsch, Turner Hurst, Tommy Inge, Burke Jennette, Lila Rose Katz, Kenya Martin, Oliver McGregor, Kamran Mohanty, Caleb Morrison, Nadine Odibo, Clay Pruitt, Julia Rhamy, Wyatt Roberts, Linkin Rose, Darryn Rubin, Ella Grace Saunders, Madelyn Shawn, Madeleine Smith, Jordan Solomon, Jess Taylor, Molly Timmerman, Laney Vanderbeck, Avery VanHimbergen, Lee Woodrum, Micah Yoon, and Brennan Zide

Outstanding Progress Award 
Eighth Grade: Wyatt Roberts and Avery VanHimbergen
Seventh Grade: Shem Abel and Sarah Grace Groves
Sixth Grade: Henry Pietrantoni and Kate Gresock

Student Council Association 
Nadine Odibo (president); Jeffrey Sproull (vice president); and AJ Bucco and Brennan Zide (eighth-grade representatives)

Student Council Association Officers for 2022-23
Kaitlyn Freed (president), Pearce Campell (officer), and Henry Pietrantoni (officer)

Upper School Recognition Awards 

The following awards were presented during the May 18 Upper School Recognition Awards Ceremony. Take a look at the Steward Snaps from the ceremony. In addition, check out the Steward Snaps that highlight our impressive Class of 2022: College Declaration Day, Alumni Inspiration Day, Baccalaureate, and Graduation

Leadership and Service Awards 

The Nolde Scholarship
Katherine Romero

The Richmond Alumnae Panhellenic Association Award
Adhya Yaratha

The Alumni Association Scholarship
Zamiyah Burton

The Faculty ABCD Award
Eliza McGehee

The Student ABCD Award
Jason Cantor 

The University of Rochester Eastman Young Leaders Award
Sabina Mohanty

Athletic Awards 

The Janet L. Rice Spartan Club Scholarship
Erin Langenburg and Owen Marcey

The Ray Tate Student-Athlete Scholarship
Erin Langenburg and Wit Moore 

The Richmond Times-Dispatch/Sports Backers Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award
Erin Langenburg and Wit Moore 

The SPC James Vawter Buis, USA, Athletic Scholarship Award
Will Elles

Fine Arts Awards 

Fine Arts Award
Hayden Ashworth

Michelle Anderson-Haigler Performing Arts Award
Zoë Macgill

Academic Recognition Awards 

The Entrepreneurship Endorsement Graduate
Jason Cantor

Top of the Class Award
Alaina Jefferson and Amy Mertz

The William and Mary Leadership Award
Hayden Ashworth 

The UVA Jefferson Book Award
Mikal Banks

The West Point Leadership Award
Gates Fox 

The University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award
Blakely Cummings

The University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology
Charlie Ventura 

The University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
Emory Sproull

Senior Project of the Year Award
Ethan Reed

Harvard Prize Book Award
Bella Topich

Department Book Awards 

English: Theo Patterson
Math: Annabel Wang
Science: Alaina Jefferson
Social Studies: Colin Hudson 
World Languages: Wit Moore
Performing Arts: Evan Dymon
The Rugene Seaton Paulette Visual Arts Book Award: Nayla Turpin

Special Recognition Awards 

Carolyn R. Brandt Scholarship Award
Chase Wingfield

Brantley Blair Scott Leadership Award
Lucia Fogler

B. Lee Healey Award
Lilly Jordan

Carolyn R. Brandt Alumni Award
Erin Langenburg

Ian M. Coddington Award
Will Bishop

Major Awards 

Junior Marshals
Henry Bearden and Hank Wang

The Faculty Award
Elle Blangy, David Cantor, Will Elles, Dinari Noland, and Chloe Schneider

The Mission Award
Cam Gregory, Zoe Magill, Owen Marcey, and Willow Solomon

Special Recognition and School Leadership Positions 

Admissions Ambassadors
Seniors: Elle Blangy, David Cantor, Grace Compton, Lucia Fogler, Alaina Jefferson, Harper Jones, Erin Langenburg, Wit Moore, Theo Patterson, Sami Shumate, and Annabel Wang

Juniors: Marcus Andriano, Mikal Banks, Wil Berling, Zamiyah Burton, Amelia Callis, Blakely Cummings, Anza Fierro, Gates Fox, Mollye Goldberg, Kate Harrison, Kyla Johnson, Michael Lewis, Sabina Mohanty, Meghan Rotter, Kamryn Shamus, Amelia Thompson, Bella Topich, and Adhya Yaratha

Sophomores: Logan Amey, Lilly Caldwell, Ashley Compton, Rally Costen, Grace Virginia Deal, Olivia Fahrenkrog, Jack Herron, Emma Herzog, Laura Luzzatto, Connor Murray, Grace Nouri, Ian O’Hallaron, Charlotte Olexy, Bailey Owens, Zak Qureshi, Ana Reveles Leon, Jackson Rhamy, Sydney Rife, and Mike Van Horn

Freshmen: Meira Boyle, Anna Carpinelli, Caroline Everett, Sadie Goldberg, Nathan Gu, Meg Harrison, Shreya Natarajan, Braylan Rice, Morgan Shigley, Maya Trepp, Sarah Vermaaten, and Kaylyn Whiteside 

Student Council Association
Jason Cantor, president

Seniors: Lucia Fogler, Dinari Noland, Erick Niyonkuru, amd Sami Shumate
Juniors: Mikal Banks, Gates Fox, Kate Harrison, Amelia Thompson, and Adhya Yaratha
Sophomores: Feryaal Abassi, Emma Herzog, Stella McDonald, and Charlotte Olexy

Student Life Committee
Seniors: Jason Cantor, Lucia Folger, Erin Langenburg, and Erick Niynokuru
Juniors: Sabina Mohanty, Zach Pasternak, Austin Rose, Meghan Rotter, and Charlie Ventura
Sophomores: Feryaal Abbasi, Grace Virginia Deal, Zeke Hudson, Charlotte Olexy, Zak Qureshi.
Kate Reed, amd Adhya Yaratha

Class Officers
Seniors: Grady Walsh, president; Sami Shumate, vice president; Grace Compton, treasurer; and Elle Blangy, historian

Juniors: Hank Wang, president; Jayden Ayers, vice president; Will Berling, Amelia Callis, and Caitlin Groome, officers 

Sophomores: Emma Herzog, president; Ana Reveles Leon, vice president; Charlotte Olexy, secretary; Rally Coston, treasurer; and Ashley Compton, historian 

Freshmen: Sadie Goldberg, president; Maya Trepp, vice president; Morgan Smartt, Shreya Natarajan, and Meg Harrison, officers at large 

Honor Council
Erin Langenburg, president; Jack Jordan, vice president; Colin Hudson, Sabina Mohanty, Olivia Fahrenkrog, Zeke Hudson, and Shreya Natarajan, representatives

Hugh O’Brian Youth Ambassadors
Rally Costen, Grace Virginia Deal, and Max Magrill

Academic Awards

Headmaster’s List 
By earning an A- or above in each class in every marking period, the following students were named to the Headmaster’s List.

Seniors:  Erin Langenburg, Amy Mertz, and Annabel Wang

Juniors: Henry Bearden, Curtis Blair III, Gates Fox, Jack Jordan, Connor Robbins, Emory Sproull, Amelia Thompson, Bella Topich, Hank Wang, and Adhya Yaratha

Sophomores: Feryaal Abbasi, Logan Amey, Cameron Berryman, Alejandra Blasco, 
Rally Costen, Claire Heaton, Laura Luzzatto, Ian O'Hallaron, Charlotte Olexy, Jackson Rhamy, and Sydney Rife

Freshmen: Grayson Burke, Brynn Cason, Charlie Cram, Luke Eiben, Jacob Gallagher, Emerson Iwashyna, Ada Long, and Sienna Rankins

Honor Roll
By earning a B- or above in each class in every marking period, the following students were named to the Honor Roll.

Seniors: Garrett Ashworth, Will Bishop, Elle Blangy, Eitan Burton, David Cantor, Evan Dymon, Will Elles, Lucia Fogler, Victor Fox, Zoe Frank, Cam Gregory, Colin Hudson, Jamison Hull, Will Humphreys, Alaina Jefferson, Harper Jones, Jabrianna Lara, Zoë Macgill, Ryan Monroe, Wit Moore, Harrison Morton, Nick Nelson, Erick Niyonkuru, Theo Patterson, Ethan Reed, Tucker Roberts, Chloe Schneider, Sami Shumate, Willow Solomon, Aubrey Stallard, McRae Stuckey, Deming Tracy, and Lily Wood

Juniors: Hayden Ashworth, Mikal Banks, Thomas Berling, Wil Berling, Tom Berling, Ellie Brumagin, Elizabeth Burmeister, Zamiyah Burton, Pierce Caldwell, Amelia Ann Callis, Blakely Cummings, Anza Fierro, Mollye Goldberg, Kate Harrison, Callan Hartman, Peter Hass, Kyla Johnson, Adam Koder, Nathan Kumper, Michael Lewis, Tommy Magnano, Rowan McMillan, Sabina Mohanty, Mike Moore, Zach Pasternak, Sam Roberson, Meghan Rotter, Kamryn Shamus, Michael Shamus, Te’ven Smith, Terrell White, and Chip Williford

Sophomores: Avi Burton, Lilly Caldwell, Caitlin Calkins, Ashley Compton, Leo Coogan, Matthew Cooke, Beth Cram, Bryson Creager, Khanh Dang, Grace Virginia Deal, Ethan Dumeer, Katherine Elles, Olivia Fahrenkrog, Elise Gresham, Emma Herzog, Sandy Kuhn, Ana Reveles Leon, Max Magrill, Connor Murray, Grace Nouri, Bailey Owens, Kate Reed, Coleman Smithers, Mary Walker, Tori West, and Allie Witdoeckt

Howard Aderhold, Brian Archer, Bella Benson, Ella Bingham, Meira Boyle, Lina Dawson, Taylor Derwin, Caroline Everett, Justin Fratkin, Sadie Goldberg, Katherine Green, Nathan Gu, Meg Harrison, Thatcher Hartman, Jay Kim, Joey Magnano, Lauren Meaker, Nels Moore, Shreya Natarajan, Xavier Nelson, Rhys Newton, Caden Proctor, Erin Shaia, Morgan Shigley, Morgan Smartt, Annie Taylor, Sarah Vermaaten, Kaylyn Whiteside, and Spencer Wingfield

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