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Standout Spartan: Cameron Berryman '24

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The artist gains a new perspective.
When Cameron Berryman ’24 was walking around campus at the end of the last school year, he was struck by how different Steward felt and looked without students. 

“Steward is a totally different environment without the students,” he said. “I had to stay late several times toward the end of the year, and the campus transforms from a lively place full of cars and people to an eerily empty landscape, with the only living things being myself and a few trees.” Noticing “the beauty in the odd peacefulness of the environment,” the artist within Cameron came alive. Grabbing his yearbook, he made a quick drawing in the back to keep a sketch of his surroundings, giving it the working title of "Pensive." Weeks later, he decided to recreate the sketch digitally. 

“Without the students, the campus radiates a calming aura, but it's the kind people in the community who make all the difference,” said Cameron, who also leads the Computer Club and is a member of the Honor Council.  

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