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The Steward School
Steward has its very own Little Free Library. 
The Steward School is now the proud owner of a Little Free Library! Little Free Library (LFL) is a nonprofit whose mission is to be a catalyst for building community and expanding book access for all. There are currently 150,000 Little Free Libraries in more than 100 countries. 

Middle/Upper School Librarian Crystal Hamlin was inspired to create an LFL at Steward because it is “fun to share books,” she said. “There are two Little Free Libraries in my neighborhood, and I love to drop off books and discover new reads. It is so cool to see how they are decorated and what treasures they hold.” She hopes that Steward’s Little Free Library, located on Gayton Road along the fence near the Lower School parking lot, will serve as a connection between the School and the surrounding community. “Anyone is welcome to take a book or share a book,” she noted.

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Although Little Free Library structures are available premade, Ms. Hamlin wanted something special. “I found someone who upcycles old newspaper boxes,” she said. “By going this route, we created something new out of something old and kept 40 pounds of metal out of the landfill.” Using the cutting machine in the Middle/Upper School Library’s Maker Space, Ms. Hamlin created special decals for Steward’s bright-blue LFL. 

The Steward community is invited to help keep the LFL stocked throughout the year. “If you would like to donate books, you can place them in the Little Free Library or give them to me or Lower School Librarian Carlee Cutchin,” said Ms. Hamlin. “Do not feel pressure to purchase new books; the idea is to share books you’ve loved!”

Future plans include having student volunteers help care for the LFL. “Ms. Cutchin and I have discussed plans to get students involved by making bookmarks and cards to put in the Little Free Library for visitors to take,” she said. “We also hope to add a reading bench, plant some flowers, and scatter some hand-painted rocks nearby.”

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