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Classroom Happenings: Tech-Savvy, Business-Minded

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Using technology to build a business 
Freshmen in Upper School Technology Facilitator Erin Springfield’s Applied Technology course delve into a wide range of topics, from computing concepts to the impact of technology on the past, present, and future. Like all Spartans, they are exploring topics that define our time. In the entrepreneurship/computer graphics unit of the course, students recently sharpened their design and computer skills as they created their own businesses from the ground up, from ideas to branding. 

Inspired by Nature
Ms. Springfield began by having her students take a nature walk around the Bryan Innovation Lab. Their goal was to find something that they could hand-draw and turn into business logos. The students returned to the classroom with leaves, acorns, pine cones, flowers, plants, and rocks. 

Then they got to work drawing logos for their businesses, which ranged from a floral shop to an architecture firm to a company that makes boutique golf clothing. After digitizing their drawings in Canva (an online graphic-design platform), they used the Bryan Innovation Lab’s Glowforge laser printer to create business cards. Their 5” x 5” designs were engraved onto maple or cherry plywood, basswood, or aluminum. 

Multi-Use Technology
“The Glowforge allows for hands-on learning, problem-solving, and project-based learning,” said Ms. Springfield. “It can be used in art classes to teach students about design and sculpture; in math classes to teach geometry and measurement; in science classes to teach about materials and energy; and in technology classes to teach about engineering and digital fabrication.” 

Building a Business
Using The Steward School brand guidelines as an example, the budding entrepreneurs created branding for their businesses, paying special attention to fonts, colors, and icons that would reflect their companies’ missions. They also designed social media marketing templates and created smart mockups for apparel, packaging, printed materials, and technology. Kamran Mohanty ’26 laser-cut custom business cards onto aluminum to promote his real photography business (Mo Media), which he founded in 2022. 

“This project was an opportunity for me to grow my business. Using a physical card enables people to see my brand rather than just scroll past something on social media,” said Kamran. “I’m excited that it can give potential customers a unique experience.” 

In tandem with her students, Ms. Springfield learned the finer points of applied technology during the course of the semester. “My goal was to learn how to use the Glowforge so that I could offer faculty training, and this definitely did the trick!” she said. “I’ve led several training sessions already, and they were met with much enthusiasm by teachers in all divisions. My colleagues are eager to share this terrific resource with their students.” 

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