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Standout Spartans: VMFA Teen Stylists

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Art and ingenuity make good fashion sense
Ella Bingham ’25, Emma Herzog ’24, Ana Reveles Leon ’24, and Julia Rhamy ’26 recently participated in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) Teen Stylin’ program. Students accepted into the 12-week program take classes at the museum and design a wearable garment inspired by a piece in the VMFA’s collection and using the theme of “illusion.” The program culminated with a fashion show, with program participants sending their creations onto the runway in front of an audience that included art, design, and fashion professionals. 

“My garment was inspired by ‘Water Dropper with Peony Design,’” said Ella, who used repurposed materials to create a dress with the illusion of a porcelain bodice, ink sleeves, a calligraphy skirt, and floral shoes. “I enjoyed getting to meet so many other creative people in the program!”

Drawing inspiration from a black and white abstract expressionism painting, Emma painted a huge mural of the Richmond skyline on a cape and used styrofoam and cardboard to add structure. “Although I really wanted to do something with color, the black and white challenged me,” noted Emma. 

Ana’s garment, titled “Perennial,” was inspired by a vase made by Alphonse Adolphe Lamarre. “I was inspired by the vase’s earthlike elements and female figure to create a dress that embodies women's empowerment and the unison between humanity and the earth,” said Ana. “I used fabrics, duct tape, and anything I could find to create my piece. What I loved most about the program was the ability to have full freedom of expression and creativity.” 

Julia was tasked with creating a garment inspired by the sheath of a staff made by a Nigerian artist. “The staff was used to worship a god of fertility,” explained Julia. “When I think of fertility, I think of rain and sun, so I used blue and gold cardboard, plus an old curtain, to create a skirt and top.” 


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