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New Spaces for Spartans

The Steward School
School upgrades and renovations
This summer, The Steward School made a number of renovations to spaces on campus to enhance the student experience. With the removal of the learning cottages, some additional classrooms were needed, and several existing spaces were improved. 

Lower School
A dividing curtain was added in the JK classroom to create cozy, small-group spaces for our youngest Spartans. This will cut down on noise and help facilitate small-group learning. In addition, the Lower School conference room will be used by our Center for the Advancement of Learning tutors and therapists to support students. 

Middle School 
Room 407, previously used as a workroom, was completely renovated and is now a student workspace. New air conditioning was installed, built-in desks were added, and new tables will encourage collaboration and teamwork. Students will also be able to use this space to make up tests and other classwork.  

Boardroom and Library 
The boardroom, located on the second floor of Wilton Hall, near the Middle and Upper School library,  has been converted into a classroom space. Additionally, a classroom was built on one side of the Middle School/Upper School library. Shelving in the library was rearranged to accommodate the classroom while still maintaining the makerspace, student work areas, and an open classroom area. The changes to the library and boardroom will allow all three Middle School English teachers to have classes on the second floor of Wilton Hall, making for a more streamlined learning experience. 

Upper School 
Thanks to a generous donation from the members of our hardworking Parents Association, the biology classroom was refreshed and renovated. New furniture and workspaces were added, which will better support our budding scientists. 

The former science office was renovated by removing the built-in desks and creating a faculty work area. The desks were replaced with tables that encourage collaboration among teachers. A TV screen was also added to allow for presentations and sharing of information. 

Athletic Center
The former classroom across from the Spartan Shop was converted into a comfortable meeting space for School committees, board committees, and auxiliary groups. The area, which now has both an interactive screen and SmartBoard for presentations, will eventually include a sports-themed mural painted by Steward parent and local artist Ed Trask. 

Bus Parking
The location of the former learning cottages has been replaced with a small parking lot to accommodate Steward buses and visiting team buses. An area has also been created for storing athletic equipment. 

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