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Spartans step up to help others 
Clips for Cancer is just one example of how all Spartans are engaged inside and outside the classroom through experiences that encourage empathy and inspired thinking. 

Steward’s annual Clips for Cancer fundraiser, sponsored by the Cancer Awareness Club, was filled with Spartan spirit. On February 21, volunteers had their hair cut or their heads shaved on stage in the Lora M. Robins Theatre. Funds raised during the event benefit ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation and the donated locks were given to Planet Hair, which makes wigs for children undergoing chemotherapy. 

As the audience of students, faculty, and staff cheered, the newly shorn volunteers grinned as emcee (and Upper School Science Teacher) Eric Hopp provided some “hair-larious” humor. Upper School Mathematics Teacher and club sponsor Jen Maitland interviewed volunteers and thanked them for their generosity. On a giant screen, a tally of the money raised was updated every few minutes, eliciting applause (and a flurry of even more donations!). A few moments after he had his head shaved, Joey Magnano ’25 jumped up, took the microphone, and exclaimed, “For every amount of $25 or more, I’ll double it!” 

Rooted in Generosity
The school’s first Cancer Awareness Club fundraiser took place in 2015 when Callen Smith ’20 spearheaded the event. Over the past three years alone, Steward has raised more than $18,000 to benefit ASK. This year’s astonishing total of $7,533.85 illustrates Steward’s commitment to helping others. 

“I’m blown away by Spartans’ generosity,” said Ms. Maitland. “Our community is  — pun intended! — head and shoulders above the rest.” 

A Cut Above
Thank you to the following Spartans who had their hair cut: College Counseling Administrative Assistant Braeden Glancy ’15, Charlie Cram ’25, Aaron Galpern ’30, Olive Langley ’31, and Mohsin Shah ’27. And thank you to the bold Spartans who had their heads shaved: Henry Bagwell ’30, Tim Bagwell ’30, Watson Mundy ’30, Richmond Hamilton ’30, Tristan Roush ’29, Ian Joyner ’29, Locke Pfannebecker ’27, Joseph Wentzel ’26, Raiden Liesfeld ’26, Joey Magnano ’25, Ryan Tyndall ’25, Shehryar Chaudhry ’25, Cameron Berryman ’24, Roch Trahan ’24, Sandy Kuhn ’24, PJ Joassin ’24, and Avi Burton ’24

Inspired by Love
Asked what inspired him to have his head shaved, Richmond shared, “My grandma had stage 4 brain cancer and I wanted to do something for her, and my grandpa had colon cancer, and they both passed away.” Although he felt a bit nervous while onstage, Richmond said he was glad to be part of the event. “Clips for Cancer spreads awareness, and I hope I inspired others,” he said.  

“The best thing about being able to give back [through Clips for Cancer] is that you can help so many children,” said Joey, who participated to honor his family members who had or currently have cancer. Of his family’s decision to double donations, he added, “I'm happy [my family] is in the position to be able to make this happen.” Thank you to the Magnano family for their incredible gift, which totaled $2,000!

Charlie decided to have her hair cut after her mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

“One day, she half-jokingly said how she wanted a wig made out of my hair, so I thought the least I could do was cut my hair,” said Charlie. “I had nine inches cut off, which will be made into a wig for my mom.” She described the atmosphere at the event as “electric,” adding, “The best thing is being able to give back to someone who needs it.” 

Looking Sharp
A heartfelt nod to the professional stylists who shared their time and talent at the Clips for Cancer event: Courtney Brooks (of Courtney Brooks Salon) and Marissa Freeman (of Neon Oasis Salon). In addition, many thanks to teachers Claire Bailey, Eric Hopp, Emily Oliff, Kris Marchant, Danny Spiziri, and Jacqueline Tuck, who served as head shavers. 

The Cancer Awareness Club
The club, 22 members strong, meets twice a month. In addition to Clips for Cancer, members raise funds through bake sales and by participating in 5K walks. The club is led by seniors Ashley Compton (president) and Grace Nouri (vice president). 

Mrs. Maitland, a cancer survivor, said, “Each year during this event I am astounded by Spartans’ unwavering generosity. When I interview donors onstage and realize that so many of us are affected by cancer in some way, I’m reminded of our common humanity and the challenges we all face. I am touched beyond measure at our community’s commitment to helping others.” 


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