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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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  • Valuing Our Differences

    Grounded by our values of respect, responsibility, empathy, and inclusivity
The Steward School is a caring community that embraces the diversity of our members, keeps our minds and hearts open to differences, and views each individual as a source of strength and means of growth for our school.

Our campus’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is central to our mission and is a key component in the success of all that we do. We encourage you to use this webpage as a resource to stay informed and engaged as we work together to foster a campus climate that is welcoming to all.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We use the following statement, which our Diversity and Inclusion Council developed and our Board of Trustees and school administration unanimously approved, as our guiding star:

The Steward School is committed to diversity and the development of an educational environment that fosters mutual respect, responsibility, and empathy in our school and in life. We value the presence of individuals whose differences include, but are not limited to, age, ethnicity, gender, learning style, talents, physical ability, political views, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and family structure.

We expect that all members of the Steward community – students, faculty and staff, administration, parents, and trustees – keep their minds and hearts open to difference as a source of strength and a means of growth for the entire community. We recognize that fulfilling this mission is an ongoing process that requires open dialogue and constant attention.

Inclusion in Action at Steward

These words are meaningful; however, the most important thing is the actions they spur. Each and every member of our community should feel respected, honored, and equal in their experiences in the classrooms, hallways, offices, lunchroom, and colonnade, as well as on the athletic fields, or anywhere else we may find ourselves. Therefore, our community strives to realize this philosophy in our day-to-day lives.

Guided by our Diversity and Inclusion Council and school administration, ongoing initiatives include:
  • Partnership with Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC)
  • Having been named a leader school in the Virginia Diversity Network
  • Diversity and Inclusion Council and working committees: Student Development, Governance, Professional Development, Community Outreach
  • Awareness, education, and skills training at faculty meetings (faculty and staff)
  • Summer Connections Leadership Institute (students)
  • Diversity Clubs (students), PAXS+ Club (Middle School), Black Student Alliance (Upper School), and more.
  • Prejudice Awareness Summit (Middle School) and Diversity Dialogue Day (Upper School)
  • NAIS People of Color Conference (faculty/staff) & Student Diversity Leadership Conference (students)—read about a staff member's experience chaperoning Steward students at this conference
  • Diversity and inclusion liaisons in each division
  • Teaching Tolerance resources
  • Routine social justice curriculum audits

While we recognize the contribution of each of the above listed activities, it is also our intention to enrich this list with further programming that enhances the diversity and inclusivity of our community. The Diversity and Inclusion Council welcomes your suggestions or feedback!

Please contact co-chairs 
Paul Yoon at pyoon@vcu.edu or Becky Groves at rebecca.groves@stewardschool.org to share your thoughts. Additionally, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator Tiffany Goodman may be reached at tiffany.goodman@stewardschool.org

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    Tiffany Goodman 

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Coordinator
  • Photo of Rebecca Groves

    Rebecca Groves 

    LS Academic Dean
  • Paul Yoon 

    Diversity and Inclusion Council Co-Chair
Read our strategic plan, Compass 2022, to learn how a "Steward for All" mindset influences our community at all levels.

Diversity and Inclusion Council

Our council’s mission is to advance the goals set out in our diversity and inclusion statement and to provide opportunities for our students, faculty, staff, and board to enhance the understanding of diversity and inclusion in our school. Our council comprises four committees: Governance; Special Programming; Philosophy and Ethos; and Best Practices and Professional Development.

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  • Who are our Diversity and Inclusion Council members?

    • Becky Groves (Co-Chair) – Lower School Academic Dean, Current Parent
    • Paul Yoon (Co-Chair) – Board of Trustees, Current Parent
    • Tarsha Adkins, Current Parent
    • Laura Akesson, Upper School Faculty, Current Parent
    • Susan Atkinson, Director of Middle School
    • Stephanie Bowlin, Executive Assistant to the Head of School, Current Parent
    • Tisa Brooks, Board of Trustees, Current Parent
    • Allison Buchik, International Student Coordinator
    • Ron Coles, Lower School DEI Liaison
    • Dan Frank, Head of School, Current Parent
    • Tiffany Goodman, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator
    • Lee Healey, Upper School DEI Liaison
    • Christen Heidler, Assistant Director of Athletics
    • Rebecca Hoffmann, Director of Admissions, Current Parent
    • Heather Jeter, Director of College Counseling
    • Khadijah Luqman, Upper School DEI Liaison
    • Ingrid Moore, Director of Lower School, Current Parent
    • Ram Natarajan, Current Parent
    • Claudia Ramirez-Freytes, Middle School Faculty, Current Parent
    • Susan Sanford, Middle School DEI Liaison, Current Parent
    • Adam Seldis, Director of Upper School, Current Parent
    • Coreen Silverman, Current Parent
    • Elizabeth Simpson, Upper School Academic Dean
    • Rachel Williard, Director of Marketing & Communications
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